The Six: Films to be screened at the Cairo International Film Festival

Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk poses on the red carpet of the Cairo International Film Festival 2018. (AFP)
Updated 21 November 2018

The Six: Films to be screened at the Cairo International Film Festival

DUBAI:The Cairo International Film Festival is set to run from Nov. 20-29 and will feature a bevy of powerful films from the Middle East and beyond.

‘Poisonous Roses’
Ahmed Fawzi Saleh directs this film set in a poor Cairo neighborhood and zooms in on the life of Taheya, who wants to prevent his brother from escaping.

Directed by Hicham Lasri, this 94-minute film follows the story of four different characters dealing with their lives as Eid Al-Adha is banned by the country’s leader.

‘Heaven Without People’
This provocative film is the debut feature-length work of Lucien Bourjeily. It centers on the tense reunion of a large family over lunch.

Moroccan writer-director Mohcine Besri tells a moving story of Laaziza, a troubled mother who is faced with the difficulty of welcoming back a man who once rejected her — all for the love of her only son.

Exploring radicalization and its horrors, this movie is set in Tunis and follows a father’s bid to uncover the truth about his dead son who had links with a radical group.

Kilo 64
Director Amir El-Shenawy follows the journey of an ambitious pharmacy graduate who pursues career in farming just off the Cairo-Alexandria desert road.


Hoda Barakat wins Arab Booker for ‘The Night Mail’

Updated 24 April 2019

Hoda Barakat wins Arab Booker for ‘The Night Mail’

  • The author will receive a prize of $50,000 for her winning novel “The Night Mail”
  • The book includes a series of letters from individuals who are facing social and personal issues

ABU DHABI: Lebanese author Hoda Barakat has won the Booker international prize for Arabic fiction for her novel “The Night Mail.”
She will receive $50,000 and the five other authors who reached the final short-list will each receive $10,000, the organizers revealed late Tuesday.
Conceived in Abu Dhabi in 2007, the prize is supported by the Booker Prize Foundation in London and financed by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism.
Born in Beirut, Hoda Barakat lives in Paris and has published several novels including “The Stone of Laughter” and “My Master and My Lover.”
“The Night Mail” is her sixth novel and has been translated into French.
Alongside the prize money, funds will also be provided for translating the book into English.
The novel consists of a series of letters by individuals “facing social misery and their own demons,” according to publisher Actes Sud.
Abu Dhabi, capital of the emirate of the same name, has become an increasingly significant cultural hub.
The city hosts the Louvre Abu Dhabi — the first museum to take the name “Louvre” outside France — which houses nearly 600 works in a futuristic building designed by French architect Jean Nouvel.