Cisco: What’s coming up in 2019?

David Meads, vice president, Cisco Middle East and Africa.
Updated 09 January 2019

Cisco: What’s coming up in 2019?

The past year saw businesses taking affirmative action, keen to harness the wealth of data within their organizations and learn from it. A key priority for many was the optimization and management of multicloud environments, coupled with the need to embed security as a foundation. 

David Meads, vice president, Middle East and Africa, Cisco, expects to see these trends evolve throughout 2019:

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will become “everyday.” Reports of driverless cars and “human-like” robots have garnered widespread attention, but this will still be a year in which AI-ML will assist human functions, rather than replace them altogether. In order to apply AI-ML, businesses must have the appropriate infrastructure and curation processes in place to house their data.

2. The internet is expanding in ways we could not have imagined.

Year-on-year network growth has resulted in more IP traffic than ever before. Communities have been brought closer together by improved forms of digital communication. As the internet continues to develop, what is connected to it is also changing: Wearable tech, home appliances and automated vehicles. 

3. Growth in visual media will drive dramatic bandwidth demands.

The new year should see more application of VR in businesses, from demonstrations and virtual “test drives,” to the assessment of products and real estate online.

4. Mobile connectivity will continue to grow.

Increasing demand for speed and reliability is paving the way for 5G. Unlike 3G and 4G, the changes will not merely be incremental. 5G is set to revolutionize connectivity in terms of speed, feeding both corporate and consumer demand for efficiency. 

5. Blockchain will continue to see new and innovative uses.

As blockchain is becoming an essential element in the majority of AI and IoT offerings, we predict that all major cloud service providers will have deployed blockchain commercially by the end of the year. From being used to validate minerals in products from conflict-free sources, to operating virtual microgrids that enable residents to buy and sell green energy directly to and from their neighbors — the possibilities are endless.

6. Businesses will increasingly need to rethink their network.

A strong and secure digital infrastructure is vital for today’s public and private networks. Organizations now need to be able to enable any device, from anywhere, at any time, across multiple domains. Independent networks must now be united in a single multi-domain architecture. 

Regional authorities offer free training at HVACR Expo

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Regional authorities offer free training at HVACR Expo

The region’s largest dedicated HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) business event will host specialists from Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) and Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) among other credible entities.
Set to shed light on the latest efficiency guidelines in the HVACR industry, these authorities will feature a free and certified training agenda at the HVACR Expo Saudi from Jan. 28-30 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center (RICEC).
Zayed Mohsen Albagami, deputy director of energy efficiency, SASO, said: “It is important for SASO and for the Kingdom as a whole to support and enhance Saudi Vision 2030 at this time.”
He added: “The role of SASO toward this goal is to help the manufacturer himself adopt a sustainable approach. We implement this through a variety of initiatives, whether it be the issuance of new standards on energy efficiency, raising awareness in the media or finally by holding workshops — as we will do at HVACR Expo Saudi 2019.”
In line with the 2030 initiative, the Saudi government has enacted SASO regulations 2663 and 2874, which improve the efficiency level of all air conditioning equipment. They have also introduced a district cooling framework for new developments exceeding 15,000 tons.
Basem Salameh, conformity specialist at GSO, said: “The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) aims to harmonize standardization activities among the GCC member states to facilitate both international and intra-trade, and to remove technical barriers for economic operators.”
Along with presentations by SASO, GSO and SCE, the workshop agenda at HVACR Expo Saudi 2019 will include training sessions from industry leaders Carrier, Samsung Electronics, Midea RAC, Al-Salem Johnson Controls, and Shaker Group (LG) to name but a few.
Abdul Rouf Pandith, senior mechanical engineer at KEO International Consultants and speaker at the event, said: “By inviting and bringing together government stakeholders, policy and decision-makers, and leaders from the utility sector across the country, HVACR Expo Saudi can mark a new era in the cooling sector.”
Roni El-Haddad, event director of HVACR Expo 2019, said: “We are extremely honored to welcome SASO, GSO and SCE on board at HVACR Expo Saudi 2019. While the Kingdom is coming together to fulfill the objectives laid out by Saudi Vision 2030, the time is now to bring these authorities on-board and to work with them to ensure that HVACR professionals can achieve the highest standards within their field.”
HVACR Expo Saudi will also bring together more than 85 of the industry’s heavyweights to showcase innovative industry solutions and products at the event. Countries represented will include Turkey, China, the US, France, Italy, the UAE, Singapore, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and more.