Arrest ordered after Emirati forced caged Asian workers to cheer for UAE football team

UAE fans get behind their team at the 2019 Asian Cup. (AFP)
Updated 11 January 2019

Arrest ordered after Emirati forced caged Asian workers to cheer for UAE football team

  • Video shows workers being urged to switch allegiances ahead of India-UAE Asian Cup match
  • UAE Attorney General says the video goes against the country's values of tolerance

ABU DHABI: The UAE’s Attorney General ordered the arrest of a man who posted a video on social media showing him forcing a group of Asian employees to cheer for the UAE national football team ahead of their Asian Cup encounter with India.

The men, who are employees of the Emirati citizen seen in the video, are in a chicken wire fenced cage and being urged to switch allegiances and cheer for the UAE national team over India. When they do as ordered, they are then released from the cage.

The Attorney General said the arrest order was issued, “given that such conduct is deemed illegal in the UAE and against the country’s values of tolerance.”

A screen grab of the Emirati citizen urging his employees to cheer for the UAE. (Social Media)

The person who filmed and posted the video has been apprehended and referred to “the Public Prosecution for investigation,” Sharjah Police Headquarters said.

Sharjah Police also said that the behavior shown in the video is contrary to the “customs and traditions” of UAE citizens.

Sharjah police urged all members of society to familiarise themselves with laws relating to social media use so that they are not disciplined.

Israel cuts Gaza fishing limit after fire balloons

Updated 23 May 2019

Israel cuts Gaza fishing limit after fire balloons

  • Israel reduced the fishing limit to 10 nautical miles
  • The countries agreed to 20 nautical miles in the Oslo accords of 1990s

JERUSALEM: Israel reduced the offshore fishing limits it imposes for vessels operating out of Gaza from Thursday after Palestinians floated balloons fitted with incendiaries over the border, officials said.
The cut came just two days after Israel restored the limits to those set in April ahead of an Israeli general election.
“A decision was taken this Wednesday evening to reduce the fishing zone off the Gaza Strip to 10 nautical miles until further notice,” said COGAT, the defense ministry unit that oversees such regulations.
“The decision was taken after the launch of incendiary balloons from Gaza toward Israel,” it added.
Palestinians in Gaza have frequently floated balloons fitted with firebombs over the border to damage Israeli property and have in the past succeeded in setting fire to large areas of farmland.
Israel banned fishing completely when two days of deadly violence erupted earlier this month, but lifted the ban with a restriction of up to 12 nautical miles following a truce.
The 15-nautical-mile limit that had been restored on Tuesday was the largest allowed in years by Israel, which has fought three wars with Palestinian militants in the enclave and has blockaded it for more than a decade.
But human rights activists note that it still falls short of the 20 nautical miles agreed under the Oslo accords of the 1990s.
Israeli authorities have not said whether the 15-mile limit was one of the understandings reached as part of the May 6 cease-fire in Gaza but Israel media reported on Monday that it was.
The additional nautical miles are important to Gaza fishermen as they bring more valuable, deeper water species within reach.
Four Israeli civilians and 25 Palestinians, including at least nine militants, were killed in this month’s exchanges across the border.