Luxury street fashion brand launches in Dubai

The designer launched Extremedy in Dubai. (Extremedy)
Updated 13 March 2019

Luxury street fashion brand launches in Dubai

  • The designs aim to empower their wearers
  • The designer hopes to open boutiques in several international locations

DUBAI: Ripped, embroidered and embellished — these are the trademarks of a brand new street-wear brand by Moroccan-born designer Madi Abaida, which recently launched in Dubai.

The label, named Extremedy, can be described as edgy street wear and aims to foster “indulgent self-expression,” according to the website.

Abaida said she wants people to feel powerful when they wear her clothes.

“I want to push women, especially Arab women, to be number one. If a woman has something to say, she should say it,” she said.

The inspiration behind the current collection is the designer’s own strong personality.

“I like being independent, making my own money, (I’m) self-made you can say,” Abaida said.

The brand’s name, Extremedy, is derived from her own extreme personality, she added.

She started drawing when she was five-years-old and her interest in the art of fashion grew over time.

Before starting her own brand in Italy, Abaida worked as a professional model in Europe for 10 years. This background developed her taste in fashion and allowed her to learn more about the industry.

“I don’t believe in luck, I believe you can reach (your goals) if you work hard,” Abaida noted, referring to her go-getter spirit and work ethic.

Starting a new brand takes times and requires resources, so Abaida had to wait until she had enough of both to launch Extremedy.

In the future, she plans to open boutiques in several international hubs and she isn’t keeping her dreams small.

“Since (the brand) is Italian, the first (boutique) should be in Milan, then Dubai, New York and London,” Abaida said.

The Autumn/Winter 2019-20 collection features a number of pieces, with the brand’s signature “1980” motif and bold inscriptions.

The designer hopes that one day she will be able to dress Rihanna and Cardi B.

Calling all cat lovers: Dubai art gallery spotlights strays

Artist Angel-O takes to the streets of Dubai to photograph stray cats. Angel-O/FN Designs
Updated 23 March 2019

Calling all cat lovers: Dubai art gallery spotlights strays

DUBAI: FN Designs, a gallery in Dubai’s artsy Alserkal Avenue, is spotlighting street cats in a new exhibition by artist-photographer Angel-O until April 30.

The multidisciplinary art and design studio chose to highlight the Filipino photographer’s work in a bid to raise awareness about the situation of strays in the UAE.

The exhibition opened in March with a panel discussion titled “Catnip.” The artist was joined by Nour Fakher, a vet at Blue Oasis Clinic, and Sara Abdelal, a cat rescuer in Dubai.

The artist started his journey when his landlord enforced a strict no-pet policy. Angel-O took to the streets to photograph stray cats in order to remain close to the animals.

Artist Angel-O takes to the streets of Dubai to photograph stray cats. Angel-O/FN Designs

“Most of these photos are taken in different parts of Dubai, in the nooks and crannies of streets,” he said, referring to his collection of photographs, which were taken in 2014 but shown for the first time in this show.

 “I am so glad my artwork is able to help these cats. I’ve had people come up and enquire about the location of the photograph so they could go back and help the cat in the picture,” he said.

 “I’m really relieved that people find this collection… of mine moving.”

Cat rescuer Abdelal stressed the importance of the TNR method of treating strays — trapping, neutering and releasing them.

“While we are trying to help find a safe home or habitat for the existing cats on our streets, let’s prevent their number from increasing. These animals can’t speak to us, we need to find a way to understand and help them,” she said.  

The UAE government has made moves to reduce the number of street cats through newly mandated animal welfare regulations that were handed down by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in December.

A failure to properly care for animals, including dumping pets, is now punishable by law in the country.