The UAE’s art scene isn’t imported, Emirati curator argues

UAE NOW curator Munira Al-Sayegh. (Art Dubai)
Updated 24 March 2019

The UAE’s art scene isn’t imported, Emirati curator argues

  • Several art platforms participated in the new segment
  • One of the artists said her piece is actually a collaboration with the public

ABU DHABI: This year, Art Dubai introduced a new segment into its program — the UAE NOW exhibit that showcased the country’s local independent, artist-run platforms.

The region’s largest art fair ran from March 20-23 and Arab News caught up with UAE NOW curator Munira Al-Sayegh to find out more about the push to showcase homegrown creativity.

“The UAE NOW section of Art Dubai is extremely important to me. It is a moment where we are looking at the cross-collaboration of grassroots platforms that have taken place out of the sheer idea of collaboration between creatives and it is extremely important to showcase this as a counter-narrative to the usual stereotypical idea that the UAE’s art scene is a very commercial art scene or one that is imported,” the curator said.

The participating platforms included Bait 15, Banat Collective, Jaffat el Aqlam, PAC (Public Art Collective) and Daftar Asfar. The platforms were invited to showcase their works and many ended up creating small, informal spaces that showed off the artists’ pieces in a cozy atmosphere. Bait 15’s booth featured a large mattress in the middle, where visitors could rest their weary feet, and the Banat Collective boasted draped chiffon on which passers-by could draw and doodle with chalk pastels.  

The piece by Saudi Arabia-based Palestinian artist Jana Ghalayini was a “collaboration with the public,” she told Arab News, adding that she was hoping to explore themes of identity and empowerment through the interactive installation.

For her part, co-founder of the Abu Dhabi-based Bait 15 studio Afra Al-Dhaheri was equally interested in opening up a dialogue.

“This is the first time that Art Dubai allows for community spaces to be present… I think this dialogue has to emerge one way or another, like, having the artist community speak,” she told Arab News.  

“Art is important for any society. It’s a register for the history of the society, the community and the times,” she added.

Where We Are Going Today: Cat Chic, where cats get their hair done

Updated 26 April 2019

Where We Are Going Today: Cat Chic, where cats get their hair done

  • After a session at Cat Chic my cat came back looking smarter than ever

It is never easy to entrust your beloved cat to strangers, yet grooming is important for feline health and looks, and is best done by professionals.

There are none so professional as the staff at Jeddah’s Cat Chic. The staff are helpful and accommodating, and the exclusive salon provides vital services such as bathing, flea treatments, hair trimming and shaving.

My cat had badly matted hair. It was impossible to detangle, but after a session at Cat Chic my cat came back looking smarter than ever.

The interior of the salon is beautiful and it features a cat playground, which gives the cats a chance to socialize.

Cat Chic also sells amazing products that allow you to take care of your cat at home and dress them up with funky collars and adorable clothes.

Located in Al-Rawdah district, Cat Chic is a cat-grooming salon you can trust. If you have any grooming needs for your cat, you should definitely visit.