2nd Future Blockchain Summit returns to Dubai

Dr. Aisha bint Butti bin Bishr, director general, Smart Dubai Office, speaking at last year's Future Blockchain Summit.
Updated 02 April 2019

2nd Future Blockchain Summit returns to Dubai

Dubai’s Future Blockchain Summit, hosted by the Smart Dubai Office in partnership with the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), opened its doors to the public on Tuesday.

Taking place April 2-3 at DWTC, the second edition of Future Blockchain Summit is hosting the region’s largest gathering of blockchain experts.

Trixie LohMirmand, senior vice president, events management, Dubai World Trade Center, said: “Future Blockchain Summit once again offers an incredible opportunity to interact with international blockchain pioneers and innovative industry luminaries. Our du-powered City of the Future is a world-first innovation designed to offer the most genuine, immersive experience of how a city and society would work on the blockchain — a reality only a year away now as Dubai races toward its 2020 target of becoming the first city fully powered by blockchain.”

50 Saudi students graduate from Qimam program

Updated 26 June 2019

50 Saudi students graduate from Qimam program

The Qimam Fellowship program has welcomed 50 fellows into its second cohort, admitted from a pool of approximately 18,000 applicants — following a rigorous evaluation process. 

Industry leaders, private and public sector figureheads and university representatives attended the 2019 graduation ceremony of the Qimam Fellowship.

The 50 fellows originate from a variety of backgrounds and fields of study from more than 25 universities in Saudi Arabia and abroad, with male and female fellows representing an exact 50-50 split this year.

All students underwent an intensive program comprising the following key components: 

1. Mentorship from senior public and private sector leaders to help fellows with personalized career advice.

2. Leadership training by professionals from renowned companies to help them succeed in their future careers.

3. Visits to the Saudi Arabian offices of leading national and international companies to engage with leadership teams and learn about how they operate.

4. Networking and team-building to help them build long-lasting relationships.

5. Sharing the fellow profiles on the Qimam website and with HR professionals across the Kingdom for career opportunities. 

Qimam was founded by McKinsey & Company and Dr. Annas Abedin, a McKinsey alumnus and entrepreneur. It is funded by McKinsey & Company, and supported by Seera Group, which is covering all travel and accommodation-related expenses of the fellowship.

Tom Isherwood, partner at McKinsey & Company, said: “Our support for Qimam is grounded in our belief that Saudi Arabia is rich with extraordinary talent and that developing such talent is one of the best investments for a brighter future. Unlocking this human potential is the most important lever to economically and socially advance the Kingdom and the region.” 

He added: “I’m proud to be a part of an organization that has emphasized the importance of equipping these future leaders with the skills, self-confidence, connections and mentorship they need.”

Dr. Abedin, co-founder of Qimam, said: “What is most exciting about Qimam is the community of outstanding leaders and organizations coming together with the common purpose and vision of identifying and supporting top talent.”

Sahira Jilal Nahari, a Qimam graduate of 2019 and student of medicinal and health sciences at Batterjee Medical College, said: “Having the opportunity to meet experts from diverse fields around the Kingdom has been a truly valuable opportunity. This has allowed me to broaden my horizons beyond just the field I specialize in and in turn, look at how other fields can contribute in strengthening my career path. The program has also inspired a strong sense of community among me and my peers.”

Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawood, CEO of Seera Group, said: “Empowering university students from Saudi Arabia to achieve their full potential goes hand in hand with Seera’s vision of opening up opportunities for all.”