Saudi e-commerce platform Almall eyes MENA expansion

Almall was launched by Mohammed Fahad Alharthi.
Updated 12 June 2019

Saudi e-commerce platform Almall eyes MENA expansion

Almall, a Saudi e-shopping website that brings together consumers and brand owners from within and outside the Kingdom, has seen a monthly growth rate of 30 percent since its launch in October last year.

The online shopping platform, which is part of the Saudi Research & Marketing Group, was launched by Mohammed Fahad Alharthi, editor in chief of Sayidaty and Arrajol magazines, and is now one of the main players in the Saudi e-commerce market.

Almall is the only pure player in the region (while others are click-and-mortar) offering an advanced technology ensuring that all products listed on the e-commerce platform are supplied directly from verified sellers and delivered to the end customers. 

This choice has a direct impact on the company’s short- and long-term strategies, limiting the operational costs and providing a higher scalability to enter new markets with no structural investment. Moreover, such a system ensures there is no conflict of interest between the sellers and Almall.

To create a complete 360-degree seamless customer experience from purchase to delivery, Almall is working with leading companies for payment, logistics and last mile delivery services. 

Since its launch, Almall has a monthly traffic of 2 million users with over 1 million registered users all over the GCC, with a majority in Saudi Arabia.

Alharthi plans to expand Almall to cover the entire MENA region by 2021.

By the end of 2019, Almall will strengthen its presence in Saudi Arabia and will officially start its operations in UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

The next step for Almall will be to start operations in Levant countries in early 2020, where it has already partnered with the main distributors and logistics partners.

Millennium MEA confirms rights to Makkah hotel

The five-star Makkah Millennium Hotel is the closest hotel to the Holy Mosque, located by the Holy Haram Piazza in front of King Fahd Gate.
Updated 16 June 2019

Millennium MEA confirms rights to Makkah hotel

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Middle East and Africa (MEA), a hotel management company in the region, has addressed its guests with deep regrets for the inconvenience they might have encountered during their stay at Makkah Millennium Hotel and Towers.
“It is with regret that Millennium and Copthorne had announced that on June 13, 2019 the owner of Makkah Millennium Hotel and Towers had unlawfully, and in contrary to the terms of the operating and management agreement, interfered with the exclusive rights of Millennium in the management and operation of the hotel and towers,” the company said in a press release.
“Millennium disagrees with the owner’s acts and had commenced proceedings to remove this interference and confirm Millennium’s exclusive rights to manage and operate the hotel and towers without interference from the owner or others.
“Millennium regrets any inconvenience this situation has caused or may continue to cause to its guests.”
The company said it is pursuing all available legal courses of action inside the Kingdom, and is confident of the Saudi judiciary system in the protection of rights and imposing of justice.
Operating 4,067 keys in the Kingdom, Millennium Hotels and Resorts MEA has affirmed its commitment to the Saudi market and pledged to continue its efforts toward tourism, travel and hospitality sectors in Saudi Arabia to achieve the goals of Vision 2030 and beyond.
Millennium Hotels & Resorts is a global hotel company, which was founded in 1989, on the vision of its chairman, Kwek Leng Beng, who leads Singapore’s Hong Leong Group. With almost 40,000 rooms worldwide, the company currently operates 40 hotels, has 14 hotels due to open this year and 35 hotels in the pipeline across the region.
The five-star Makkah Millennium Hotel is the closest hotel to the Holy Mosque, located by the Holy Haram Piazza in front of King Fahd Gate.
The luxury hotel features direct views of the Grand Mosque and the Holy Kaaba. The hotel has five restaurants, namely, Jasmin Café, Al-Fayhaa Restaurant, Al-Andalus Restaurant, Al-Noor Restaurant and Lagenda Restaurant.
Makkah Millennium Hotel is located close to many main attractions in the city, including important Islamic holy sites that are less than five miles away. Zamzam well, Jabal Al-Nour, Cave of Hira and the Makkah museum are some of the nearby landmarks, while other areas of interest close by include a large shopping mall, supermarket, and a variety of international restaurants and lounges.