Mohammed Abdullah Al-Quwaihis, mayor of Makkah city

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Quwaihis
Updated 28 July 2019

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Quwaihis, mayor of Makkah city

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Quwaihis has been the mayor of Makkah since February 2018.

Al-Quwaihis obtained a degree in chemical engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in 1978, and after graduation he worked as an engineer at the Saudi Industrial Research and Development Center.

He served as director general for projects and maintenance at the Ministry of Health in 1984, and was made an ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1987.

He also served as director general of the water and sanitation department for 10 years, before becoming a royal adviser in 2001 when he was appointed to the Shoura Council.

He spent more than 11 years with the council, where he presented many projects and proposals, most notably amendments for the labor system, the Saudi real estate market system and foreign investment. He was also in charge of the proposal recommending housing allowances for state employees.

Recently, Makkah municipality announced the recruitment of more than 23,000 workers to implement its plan for this year’s Hajj season.

Al-Quwaihis said that all of the municipality’s sectors, departments, sub-municipalities and service centers were fully prepared for the Hajj, adding that over 13,000 workers are now employed by the city to ensure its overall cleanliness. In the field of environmental health, the municipality has set up teams and committees to monitor markets, food shops and restaurants.

Houthis target Saudi Khamis Mushayt in repeat attack

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Houthis target Saudi Khamis Mushayt in repeat attack

  • Houthis claimed 10 drones which hit a Saudi natural gas liquefaction plant
  • The Arab coalition said the Houthis are becoming desperate because of their losses

DUBAI: The Arab coalition destroyed two Houthi drones targeting Khamis Mushayt city in south west Saudi Arabia, the state news agency SPA reported on Thursday.

It was the latest in a spate of drone attacks claimed by the Houthi militia in recent weeks, including 10 drones that hit the Saudi Shaybah natural gas liquefaction plant near the UAE border.

Arab Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki said the coalition were taking all possible measures and employing best practices to intercept the drones and stop attacks,

And said the the repeated attacks showed the militants were becoming increasingly desperate as they continued to lose on a daily basis.