M. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Arab News
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Wed, 2004-09-22 03:00

RIYADH, 22 September 2004 — A leading company of the Middle East region, Yuksel Insaat Saudia Co. Ltd., has emerged as a major player in executing prestigious infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia, with world-class standards and specifications.

Yuksel, as the most experienced dam contractor in Turkey, has recently bagged two multimillion-dollar dam projects, which are aimed at helping control flood and streamline the Kingdom’s irrigation system while boosting water supply to Jeddah.

Yuksel’s Regional Manager Erol Ozdemir and Business Development Manager Murat Bugday giving the details to Arab News said that the Saudi Ministry of Water and Electricity had reposed faith in the technical capability of Yuksel and awarded it the Baysh Dam Project in Jizan and the Murwani Dam Project in Makkah region.

“These projects are mainly for flood protection and irrigation purposes,” Ozdemir said, adding that there are currently 14 dams under construction across the Kingdom.

About the Murwani dam project, they said that Yuksel Insaat Saudia Co Ltd., which is one of the fastest growing companies in the Kingdom, would build the dam with a catchment area of about 2,762 sq km and height of 101 meters from the foundation. The Murwani dam site is located on Wadi Murwani, 100 km northeast of Jeddah. This SR263 million dam project will be completed within the next 60 months.

Ozdemir and Bugday pointed out that Yuksel had the high-tech capability and international standards to implement such dam projects for the Kingdom. Currently, work is in full swing on the SR198 million Baysh dam project in Jizan, the Yuksel officials said, adding that these multipurpose dam projects, in fact, have been a priority for the Kingdom. Yuksel is committed to participate in water-related projects in the Kingdom, mainly dam projects along with water supply system and water treatment projects.

About their other projects, the officials said the company had also undertaken the SR42 million King Faisal University (Site Utilities) project in Dammam under the Ministry of Higher Education. Yuksel has demonstrated a unique combination of experience and professional qualification while executing a number of projects for both public and private sectors in the Kingdom.

“While performing such projects over the years, Yuksel has won the trust of the Kingdom and its private sector aside from forging closer cooperation and relationship with local and international companies specialized in these fields,” he said.

Yuksel, which is also about to complete a SR54 million project for Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), is involved in various projects ranging from housing compounds, hospital and desalination to power plants.

Additionally, Yuksel is executing a segment of the construction project for providing water to all parts of the Kingdom through a complete water transmitting system involving storage tanks, transmission pipes, pumping stations and all associated control facilities.

In this connection, Yuksel has executed two major projects, which have cut big water shortage problems. These projects include Yanbu-Madinah Water Transmission System, which is serving Madinah, and the Riyadh-Qassim Water Transmission System that serves a number of cities in Qassim region.

Established in 1963, Yuksel is one of the largest Turkish construction companies with a substantial presence in the Middle East and central Asian regions besides other parts of the world. Yuksel has started its operations in Saudi Arabia in 1983. After signing the first contract, a Saudi-Turkish owned local company was established with the name of Yuksel Insaat Saudia Co.

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