Publication Date: 
Sat, 2012-02-04 03:39

The municipality awarded the project to refurbish and construct new walls around the cemeteries to a Saudi company, which started work Thursday. The project is estimated to cost SR5.63 million, Al-Watan Arabic daily reported Friday.
Abdullah Aqeel, director of the department for furnishing at the municipality, said that the two cemeteries are being refurbished in a way in order to make them major landmarks in the holy city. “Demolition works of old walls of Mualla Cemetery, which is popularly known as Jannatul Mualla, are under way. A strong new wall similar to that of the Baqie Cemetery in Madinah would be constructed around Mualla, which is close to the northern courtyard of the Grand Mosque,” he said.
According to Aqeel, cemeteries of Mualla and Al-Sharaie would get new walls surrounding them on all four directions. “The walls would have the hallmark of the Islamic architectural design. Visitors of graves will be prevented from committing any violations of the Islamic Shariah regulations,” he said.

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