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Saudi Arabia

Moon should be visible after sunset on Sunday

In this July 6, 2015 file photo, a man fixes a mosque's minaret with a crescent moon symbol during the holy month of Ramadan in Jeddah. (REUTERS)
ABHA: The director of the astronomical observatory at Majmaah University, Abdullah Al-Khudairi, said the Ramadan crescent this year will appear on Sunday evening 20 minutes after sunset, which is enough time for it to be observed by the naked eye.
He said any error in the signing of the crescent of Ramadan does not affect the sighting of the crescent of Dul Hijjah, as the lunar months adjust themselves.
He attributed the rejection of the Supreme Court of the testimony of some witnesses to problems and lack of trust in the observer. All those providing testimony are closely questioned by the judge about their sighting in detail, and must provide accurate descriptions of the crescent, shadows and proximity to the sun. Only matching testimonies are accepted.
He said the astronomical observatory in Hawtat Sadir follows general observation processes, noting that a unit called the Crescent Observation Unit specializes in monitoring the crescent moon in all months of the year, and the movement of the moon during each month. He said the observatory includes a professor from Cairo University and another from Helwan Observatory.
He said observers face many challenges these days with regard to sighting the entry and exit of Ramadan, including the presence of many people at the observation site.

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