National cohesion meetings to be held across all KSA regions

Updated 20 July 2016

National cohesion meetings to be held across all KSA regions

RIYADH: The board of trustees of the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue met in Riyadh to adopt and plan for current and future programs in line with the center’s strategy, which were approved during the previous meeting based on a 10-year review of the center’s past performance and programming.

Approved projects for the coming period focus on supporting intellectual security and enhancing national cohesion and unity. A national meeting, in coordination with governmental and private institutions, aims to instil and expand values of social coexistence, with scholars, intellects, and journalists all participating to enhance integration, cooperation, and concepts of tolerance and moderation.
The council also approved the establishment of a national program covering all regions in the Kingdom, in coordination with the private and governmental organizations, titled “Cohesion.” The program involves one-week meetings in each region that include numerous activities and programs that aim to mobilize support for national security and foster intellectual cooperation and moderation to minimize extremism and intolerance. The meetings will also rely on the participation of top scholars, intellectuals, and young men and women.
The council approved a monthly dialogue meeting to be held at the center’s headquarters about issues related to enhancing national unity and social responsibility.
Such programs are based on the objectives of the center, both currently and in the future, to minimize the spread of extremist and social intolerance, sectarianism, and lack of coexistence by communicating counter-ideals through various channels. The programs are also in line with Vision 2030, as they will help enhance development and modernization in the Kingdom, while strengthening bonds, national unity, and social cohesion.
During the meeting, members also reviewed accomplishments with regards to developing the the national public polling center, which will be implemented in coordination with official and private agencies in order for results to be beneficial in decision-making processes.
The secretary-general of the center, Dr. Faisal bin Muammar, said the projects and programs represent the center’s overall strategy for the next five years, as well as its top priority to focus on promoting community participation in the fight against extremism and intolerance. The aim of such programs is to encourage members of society to carry out religious and social responsibilities and contribute to promoting moderation in order to combat racism and hatred.

Muslim World League signs deal with Moscow to promote interfaith dialogue

Updated 22 April 2019

Muslim World League signs deal with Moscow to promote interfaith dialogue

  • Al-Issa lauds Russian model of national harmony and coexistence
  • Al-Issa also met with Speaker of the Russian Parliament last month

MOSCOW: The Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (MWL) Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa held a meeting with the president of the Russian People’s Council, Sergei Ordzhonikidze, and other council members, where they discussed issues of common interest.

They looked into means of boosting cooperation between Russia and the Muslim world, supporting positive national integration programs and countering extremist speeches and Islamophobia.

Al-Issa lauded the Russian model of national harmony and coexistence, while Ordzhonikidze presented Al-Issa with a copy of the council’s yearly report.

At the meeting the two parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to share their experiences in the fight against extremist ideologies, the promotion of interreligious dialogue and coexistence and the implementation of joint projects to achieve shared goals. They also stressed the pure and peaceful values of Islam and rejected all forms of extremism and Islamophobia.

The meeting was attended by the Russian deputy chairman of the Committee for the Development of Agriculture, Aygun Memedov, the chairman of the Committee on the Normalization of Relations Between Nationalities and Religions, Sheikh Albert Karganov, the Mufti of Moscow and the Khanti-Mansisk Region in Siberia Sheikh Tahir Samatov.

Last month, Al-Issa met with Speaker of the Russian Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin. They discussed subjects related to promoting and supporting dialogue among followers of different religions and civilizations, activating cultural contacts and exchanges between the Muslim world and Russia.

Al-Issa signed a cooperation agreement between the MWL and Moscow’s Fund for Islamic Culture, Science and Education. The agreement focused on tackling extremism and promoting tolerance. The agreement stressed the need for cooperation in the fight against extremism, intolerance, aggression and hostility among religions, races and ideologies that could lead to terrorism.

Both parties agreed to exchange information on the activities of scientific centers, cultural forums and websites.