GE signs MoU with MiSK to train young Saudi professionals

Nidal Ghizawi, director of the GE Saudi Technology & Innovation Center, and Bader Al-Asaker, secretary general of MiSK Foundation, exchange documents after signing the agreement.
Updated 03 August 2016

GE signs MoU with MiSK to train young Saudi professionals

GE signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud Foundation (MiSK) in the field of education and training, to design and launch training programs for young Saudi professionals and executives.
As part of Saudi government’s efforts to establish a knowledge-based economy and develop the skills of Nationals, the MoU outlines the terms to put together special training programs for the leadership development of young Saudi professionals as well as provide consultancy.
The MoU was signed at a ceremony at GE’s Crotonville facilities by Nidal Ghizawi, director of the GE Saudi Technology & Innovation Center, and Bader Al-Asaker, secretary general of MiSK Foundation.
Under the MoU, GE will offer access for Saudi professionals to high-level corporate leadership training at the GE Crotonville Customer Education facility in the US.
Special courses will be developed for Saudi executives for delivery either in Crotonville or at various locations across Saudi Arabia.
GE will also support MiSK and other entities to establish a Crotonville-like Saudi Leadership Academy in the Kingdom.
Hisham Al-Bahkali, GE’s president and CEO for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, said: “The agreement with MiSK has strategic importance in nurturing the next generation of Saudi business leaders, who can contribute to achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.”
He added: “Saudi Arabia has a wealth of young talent, and by building their skillsets in specific domains, including corporate leadership, we are supporting the Kingdom’s goal to accelerate economic and industrial diversification. This will also help in creating high quality jobs for Saudi young professionals and in building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Saudi Arabia to help achieve transformational growth.”
The signing of this MoU builds on the efforts of MiSK, a non-profit organization.
Founded in 1956, Crotonville is claimed to be the world’s first major corporate university.

Jaguar achieves strong growth in Saudi market

Updated 23 January 2019

Jaguar achieves strong growth in Saudi market

Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors (MYNM), the authorized dealer of Jaguar Land Rover in Saudi Arabia, has announced strong growth within the local automotive market during 2018 with sales showing a significant increase compared to 2017.

“Jaguar is one of the most prestigious automotive brands and owning a Jaguar vehicle is highly desirable among motorists worldwide,” said Andre Bonthuys, managing director of Jaguar Land Rover at MYNM. “However, it’s more affordable than most people think, due to competitive pricing, made even more attractive by our new five-year comprehensive service package which enables customers to enjoy worry-free ownership of their Jaguar. With a growing range of products within the Jaguar family, our customers now have a wide variety of sedans, SUVs and sports cars to choose from, all maintain the pure Jaguar DNA.

“Jaguar launched its first SUV, the F-Pace, in 2016, which is still showing a strong presence year after year with continuous sales growth during 2017 and 2018, followed by the 2018 launch of the new compact performance E-Pace designed to appeal to younger families and the Kingdom’s huge youth market.”

Several strategic marketing initiatives also played an important role in increasing familiarity and popularity of the Jaguar brand. Prompted by the announcement of Saudi Arabia issuing driving licenses for women, Jaguar implemented its “Her Car Her Choice” initiative to educate women about Jaguar’s advanced safety factors, superior performance and state-of-the-art entertainment facilities. 

“The combination of beauty, luxury, safety and stylish design has attracted many females to purchase and experience Jaguar vehicles,” the automaker said in a statement.

To further increase brand awareness, in 2018 MYNM implemented a marketing campaign through various media channels, supported by a roadshow which visited the Kingdom’s main cities. The Jaguar Art of Performance Tour demonstrated the capabilities and performance of the leading British brand.

“Looking forward to further success in 2019, Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors continues to uphold its commitment to maintain the highest quality in providing its customers with a level of service that exceeds their highest expectations,” the press release said.