Who is to be blamed for IS?

2015-05-22 03:00
What is the likelihood that former President George W. Bush and his younger brother Jeb Bush, who aspires to be the next American president, will admit, now in the cold light of hindsight, that the 20...

An American ‘ironclad’ commitment

2015-05-22 03:00
In the run up to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) leaders’ meeting with US President Barack Obama at Camp David, many analysts and politicians suspected that the two sides would be divided over how...

Yemen crisis: Problem and solution

2015-05-22 03:00
Geography has been a constant factor in Yemen’s relations with Saudi Arabia for three centuries, and still is. Yemen’s northern border is 1,600 km long, of which 1,300 km are shared with Saudi Arabia....

Changing the rules of the game

2015-05-22 03:00
Following the GCC-US Camp David summit, US President Barack Obama announced his administration’s commitment to the security of the Gulf states in an attempt to allay fears of these countries over the...

America’s need for speed

2015-05-21 03:00
On July 1, 1828 a song was written about the first American passenger train. As time passed, American songwriters and composers wrote countless emotional songs about trains and train rides.Americans a...

Mind your manners

2015-05-21 03:00
Earlier this month a video was circulating on various social media platforms that showed a man in the usual pilgrim’s attire in Makkah (which means he was in the Grand Mosque to perform Umrah) using a...

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