Al-Sudais welcomes constructive criticism

Updated 25 October 2014

Al-Sudais welcomes constructive criticism

Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, head of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, has said that he receives constructive criticism with an open mind.
Speaking to media professionals on the occasion of a ceremony at the conclusion of this year's Haj and Umrah seasons, he said: “We are not afraid of the media but welcome them instead with open hearts and gladly accept their constructive observations and request for transparency on any issue.”
He called on the media professionals to attend the seminar organized by the public relations department at the presidency’s headquarters.
During the ceremony, he announced the end of this year’s Haj and Umrah season, noting that planning and organization are the cornerstones of a successful season, commending the cooperation of all parties concerned.
He said that evaluation committees had embarked on assessing the works of the presidency’s personnel during this season, and have started preparations for the next one.

Drones hit Aramco plant, Houthis claim responsibiltiy

Updated 17 August 2019

Drones hit Aramco plant, Houthis claim responsibiltiy

  • Houthis claim responsibility for the attack on the plant
  • The drones hit the plant, causing a small fire that was quickly extinguished

DUBAI: The Saudi energy minister Khalid Al-Falih has confirmed that a drone strike hit the Shaybah natural gas liquefaction facility causing a small fire on Saturday.

In a statement condemning the attack, Falih said there had been “no injuries” and that the fire had been put out after the several drones were fired at the plant.

“This cowardly attack once again highlights the importance of the international community's response to all terrorist agents who carry out such acts of sabotage, including the Iran backed Houthi militias,” Falih said in the statement.

The Houthis later claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Saudi Aramco’s response team controlled a limited fire this morning at the Shaybah NGL facility,” a statement released on the oil giant’s website read.

“There were no injuries and no interruptions to Saudi Aramco’s oil operations. We will provide further details as they become available.”

The Houthis have carried out a number of attacks on Saudi Arabia in recent weeks and months, targeting residential areas and airports.