Coronavirus patients run away from Taif hospital

Updated 14 November 2014

Coronavirus patients run away from Taif hospital

The Ministry of Health announced that some patients infected with the coronavirus have run away from the King Faisal Hospital in Taif, describing the situation as alarming and called for immediate measures to protect people from the infectious disease.
A source in the ministry also called for cooperation with the Interior Ministry to contain the disease amid reports from ministry’s control and monitoring center of the rising index of coronavirus with 24 cases so far.
“There should be cooperation between the ministry and security authorities to enable hospital staff to keep patients in the hospital in order to provide them with the necessary treatment,” the official said.
Meanwhile, ministry officials in Taif have contacted the patients’ families urging them to persuade the infected patients to return to the hospital and continue their treatment as they were posing a health risk.
The Ministry of Health further stressed the importance of screening patients suspected with corona and quarantine them.
Dr. Mohammad Al-Halwani, a professor in the Department of Medicine in Al-Baha University said the increased number of cases during this period can be explained by the current camel breeding season where the young camels are at higher risk of contracting coronavirus. He added that other factors were the current weather conditions which are ideal for the spread of the virus.
Halwani pointed out that cold weather conditions when people are prone to suffer from respiratory infections aided the spread of the virus due to droplets while sneezing or coughing.
Halwani also pointed to medical practitioners saying that they contracted the infection due to neglect of personal hygiene and being careless around infected cases.
The Ministry of Health registered 24 coronavirus cases in November, taking the total number of cases to 798,441.

Ukrainian pianist hits the high notes for Taif visitors

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Ukrainian pianist hits the high notes for Taif visitors

TAIF: It is not unusual for musicians to aim for the stars, but organizers of the Crown Prince Camel Festival in Taif gave the Ukrainian concert pianist Olina Lukashu a head start.

Visitors to the opening entertainment events at King Faisal Garden were treated to the sight and sound of Lukashu performing 5 meters in the air, dressed in a long white gown that reached down to the ground.

“It was decided to put her at the entrance of the garden, all dressed in white to welcome the visitors,” festival spokesman Saleh Al-Anzi told Arab News.

“It is a new idea that was greatly enjoyed by visitors, who admired her rendition of various musical pieces.”

Among the 25 events taking place in conjunction with this year’s festival is a circus presented by five Latin American countries, Al-Anzi said. There is also a free childcare service, mobile food courts, international restaurants and a live broadcasting studio.  “Visitors will be able to ride camels inside the park, and enjoy the handicrafts on display by various artisans,” he said.

Dr. Sami bin Abdullah Al-Obaidi, chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers, told Arab News the Taif Season was important in terms of generating employment opportunities for young Saudis, and creating tourist projects. “All the events are full of visitors,” he said.

He said 2,000 jobs were provided during the Taif Season, and those who took up the opportunities gained skills and knowledge about the requirements of an audience.

“Saudi culture has changed, and Saudis have become more aware of global challenges and requirements, and the expectations of tourists and other consumers,” he said. “Taif Season has set a high standard.”