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Saudi Arabia

30 anti-obesity gyms to open soon

A local businessman plans to open 30 gyms across the Kingdom to help fight the country’s obesity epidemic.
Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, previous coach of the Kingdom’s youth team, who heads Shababco Lifestyle Co., said that the government should also assist in setting up gyms to counter this growing trend.
He said that America and Germany are the two countries on their continents that have the greatest levels of obesity. The Kingdom is the main Arab country afflicted with this problem, mostly affecting women, which could create a great deal of problems for individuals and society as a whole.
Batterjee said more children are suffering from obesity than ever before, and urged parents to educate their offspring about proper eating and exercising.
“This problem is mainly caused by fast food and the high amounts of fat, soda drinks and chips that are consumed. In addition people are not involved in sports.” He is also considering opening up gyms for children.
According to reports, 68 percent of Saudi men and women are overweight. Around 18.3 percent of Saudis suffer from diabetes, which is mainly caused by obesity and genetic factors. These rates are more alarming in a young society where 75 percent of citizens are under 21 years of age. Studies found that 18 percent of the Kingdom’s children suffer from obesity, 24 percent of men and 37 percent of women.
Around 67.7 percent of Saudis do not move enough to burn their daily intake of calories. Obesity is the main cause of high blood pressure, affecting 21.3 percent of Saudi citizens.

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