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Saudi Arabia

Over a thousand cars stolen in one month

A new survey found that 1,034 cars were stolen in one month. The Makkah region topped the list with 389 stolen cars during August last year.
Riyadh came second with 290 stolen cars, followed by Madinah (110), Eastern Province (85) and Jazan (83).
According to the report, law-enforcement agencies managed to retrieve 43 percent of the stolen vehicles.
Najran recorded only two incidents of car thefts, Hail three and Northern Borders and Al-Jouf five cases each.
In a related development, Riyadh Traffic Department announced its plans to monitor and control traffic movement during school examinations starting Sunday.
Riyadh Traffic Department Director Brig. Gen. Ali Al-Dubaikhi said his department is well-prepared to deal with the exam period rush.
Explaining the traffic plans, he said: “Traffic patrols and motorcycles will be deployed osince the early hours of the day on all the main streets, squares and intersections leading to the education facilities, including schools, institutes and universities. Traffic and undercover field teams will monitor car drifters in areas frequented by students.
He noted that his department will focus on the main and important streets known for heavy traffic flow.
“All streets will be monitored through the traffic command and control center and reports on traffic jams and snarls will be immediately reported to field teams in order to address such issues as soon as possible,” said Al-Dubaikhi.
He also explained that field teams will be directed on the spot to deal with any traffic accident or cars stalling involving students.
“The teams will arrange alternative transport on the spot so that students involved in the incidents reach the exam premises quickly. Police will officially notify the principal of the accidents if necessary,” he added. He appealed to students to leave their houses early to avoid being late for the exams.
Al-Dubaikhi also advised parents to do their bit and make sure their children go home directly after the exams and not to car drifting sites.

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