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Saudi Arabia

Who was Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr?

JEDDAH: Nimr Baqr Al-Nimr was active in inciting armed opposition and had activities in raising funds and arms for terrorists. 
A warrant for his arrest was issued and 35 people were arrested. He was, along with other accomplices, involved in exchanging fire with police, who were peacefully trying to arrest them.
He was arrested while attempting to smuggle a terrorist, who was wanted by the police for murder charges.
Al-Nimr had been convicted of committing eight crimes and delivering numerous hostile and fiery speeches since 2002 which led to the death and injury of several police officers.
Al-Nimr's speeches were a driving force behind the violent protests that broke out in 2011 in Qatif that served third parties, most notably Iran.
He has been delivering regular religious sermons on Fridays at Imam Hussain Mosque in Al-Awamiyah since 2002. Later his sermons took on a political hue. He accused statesmen and security forces of blasphemy and called for public uprising against the state.
In March 2009, he criticized the Saudi authorities and suggested secession of the Shiite regions to form a united Shiite state. During the Shiite-led protest in Bahrain, Al-Nimr demanded the exit of Gulf armies from Bahrain, criticizing the rulers there.
In October 2011, he accused the Saudi security forces as riot troops. In addition, he insulted the leaders and officials, objecting to appointments made by the state.
On Oct. 15, 2014, Al-Nimr was sentenced to death by the Specialized Criminal Court for seeking ‘foreign meddling’ in Saudi Arabia, ‘disobeying’ its rulers and taking up arms against the security forces.

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