Bahrain to punish those who ridicule Saudi legal system

Updated 04 January 2016

Bahrain to punish those who ridicule Saudi legal system

MANAMA: Bahrain's Ministry of Interior affirmed the right of Saudi Arabia to take whatever security measures and procedures it sees right and suitable to maintain the security and stability of the country and people.
An announcement by Bahraini authorities said they will take all necessary legal procedures against whoever ridicules or negatively handles, through a statement or announcement, the court verdicts issued in Saudi Arabia, or criticizes its legal system in this regard in a way that causes sedition and sows discord, and threatens the peace of the country and people.
The Bahraini Interior Ministry said that Article 215 of the Criminal Law stipulates "the imprisonment of two years, or the imposition of a fine of 200 Bahraini dinars on any person publicly offending a country or international organization that has headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain, or its president or representative in the Kingdom, and whoever publicly offends its flag or emblem."
The Interior Ministry strictly stressed it will not in any way accept or approve any form of intervention or comment on the legal system of Saudi Arabia or any brotherly or friendly state, asserting that such issues concern the sovereignty of a country and the ministry will not hesitate in taking whatever measures or procedures necessary against those who interfere in the sovereignty and security of any GCC state, and that violators in this regard will be subjected to legal punishments within the framework of the security and legal agreements between GCC states.
The ministry called for abiding by the law that allows taking the correct information from its formal and official sources and not to use social media to spread sick rumors that touch on the peace and security of citizens.
Article 168 of the Bahraini Criminal Law stipulates a "prison sentence of two years and a fine of 200 dinars, either or both, for whoever intentionally broadcasts false news, statements or rumors to disturb public order or scare the people, or to inflict harm on the best interests of the public."
The statement of the Bahraini Ministry of Interior confirmed the support of Bahrain for the security measures taken by Saudi Arabia to counter the criminal and terror acts in view of the close historical ties between the leadership of the two countries.

High-level investment forum aims to further boost business between Saudi Arabia and Japan

Updated 18 June 2019

High-level investment forum aims to further boost business between Saudi Arabia and Japan

  • Japan is one of Saudi Arabia’s most important economic partners

TOKYO: More than 300 government, investment and industry leaders on Monday took part in a high-level gathering aimed at further boosting business opportunities between Saudi Arabia and Japan.

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) welcomed key figures from the public and private sectors to the Saudi-Japan Vision 2030 Business Forum, held in Tokyo.

Hosted in partnership with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the conference focused on the creation of investment opportunities in strategic sectors of the Kingdom. Delegates also discussed key reforms currently underway to enable easier market access for foreign companies.

Speaking at the event, Saudi Economy and Planning Minister Mohammed Al-Tuwaijri, said: “Today’s forum is a testimony to the success of the strategic direction set by the Saudi-Japanese Vision 2030 two years ago, which seeks to drive private-sector involvement, both by partnering with public-sector entities.”

SAGIA Gov. Ibrahim Al-Omar said: “At SAGIA, we have been working on creating a more attractive and favorable business environment in Saudi Arabia, which is making it easier for foreign companies to access opportunities in the Kingdom.”

Japan is one of Saudi Arabia’s most important economic partners. It is the Kingdom’s second-largest source of foreign capital and third-biggest trading partner, with total trade exceeding $39 billion.

JETRO president, Yasushi Akahoshi, said: “Saudi-Japan Vision 2030 has made great progress since it was first announced. Under this strategic initiative, the number of cooperative projects between our two countries has nearly doubled, from 31 to 61, and represents a diverse range of sectors and stakeholders.”

Since 2016, the Saudi government has delivered 45 percent of more than 500 planned reforms, including the introduction of 100 percent foreign ownership rights, enhancing legal infrastructure and offering greater protection for shareholders.

As a result, the Kingdom has climbed international competitiveness and ease-of-doing-business rankings, with foreign direct investment inflows increasing by 127 percent in 2018 and the number of new companies entering Saudi Arabia rising by 70 percent on a year-on-year basis in the first quarter of 2019.