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Saudi Arabia

1,000 workers protest as company delays salaries by 6 months

JEDDAH: More 1,000 employees of major construction company in Jeddah have refused to continue to work in protest against a six-month delay in their wages.
The workers disconnected the electricity at the establishment as a form of protest, local media reported on Tuesday.
A number of employees also damaged the company’s property and attacked the administrative staff from during a demonstration at the company’s gates, the report said.
Ahmad Salem, a worker of the company, said they have been suffering from this problem for more than six months. “Both foreign and Saudi employees have not been paid for far too long.”
Khalid Al-Jahni, another worker, said the company had promised to pay a part of their salaries immediately and the balance within two weeks, but nothing happened.
Mohammad Noor Al-Din said he had not received his salary for the past six months even though they work for eight hours a day. Abdulsalam Abdulhamid said that this company should be held accountable for the delay, as it seems that they want them to work without any financial returns.
Khalid Aba Al-Kheil, spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor, was quoted as saying that the ministry follows up and takes action against such companies. “The ministry received a number of complaints and it has stopped all its services to the company.”
According to standard procedures, the company was searched and followed up on by the ministry and other relevant government bodies, who are currently working to address this issue.
The ministry confirmed that it continues to implement all regulatory procedures against violating establishments, and emphasized that it will not be lenient toward any establishments that are not committed to the payment of salaries.

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