Unauthorized fundraisers face prison, deportation

Updated 27 February 2016

Unauthorized fundraisers face prison, deportation

JEDDAH: Indulging in charity work or fundraising activity in the Kingdom without license or official permission will invite various penalties, jail terms and deportation as per the Kingdom’s law.
Years after deliberations among members of the Council of Experts at the Shoura Council and the Council of Ministers, the subject of fundraising and its disbursement regulations in the Kingdom will be concluded next Tuesday.
The Shoura Council is scheduled to submit its recommendations to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman after finishing its re-study of the issue as per Article 17 of the regulations.
The Committee on Society, Family and Youth endorsed amendments made by the government to Articles 10, 20, and 21, as well as the merging of Articles 4 and 6, separation of Article 21 into two, elimination of Article 2 and including its stipulations under Article 3, as well as some amendments to the text of other articles.
As per Article 8, licensed parties may not receive donations from non-Saudi people or entities inside or outside the Kingdom except as per the specified controls under the regulations.
According to Article 18, individuals who raise funds or collect donations without official licenses and approvals are punishable with a jail sentence of between six months and two years, while non-Saudis will be deported upon completion of the sentence.
Violators of Article 5 of the regulations will be fined up to SR200,000, with the possibility of the fine doubling for repeated cases. Individuals or entities who raise funds, collect or disburse donations in a manner that violates the regulations will be fined up to SR500,000, which will be doubled for repeat offenses, whereas employees or officials of licensed entities who commit such violations will be fined up to SR50,000, which will also be doubled for repeat offenses.
The specialized court will look into application of these punishments and reserves the right to confiscate donations collected, as well as determine the entity to which such donations belong.
Added to the article is the punishment of the person with special legal status and elimination of the minimum fine and leaving this to the discretion to the competent court, due to varying situations and financial capabilities of the identities that will be presented before the court.

GEA and Misk launch ‘Entertainment Pioneers’ program

Updated 26 June 2019

GEA and Misk launch ‘Entertainment Pioneers’ program

RIYADH: The General Authority for Entertainment (GEA) launched its “Entertainment Pioneers” program, in partnership with the Initiatives Center at the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation (Misk).

The program aims to prepare citizens, and especially fresh graduates, to work with the most renowned international companies in the field of entertainment, to gain experience, develop their skills in the field, and enable them to integrate this sector and contribute to its development and prosperity.

The program is part of GEA’s strategy to develop the sector of entertainment in accordance with the best international standards, and to provide it with qualified national competencies in this field, to meet the objectives of the Quality of Life program, a basic part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The first stage of the program will kick off in collaboration with a leading American entertainment company that employs 44,000 people worldwide, and that has a record of more than 30,000 entertainment programs and 100 festivals, with its sales surpassing of 500 million tickets per year.

In addition, various international companies are participating in the event, in order to train Saudis in the tasks of planning, organization and management of entertainment programs and projects.

As part of its plans to develop and increase the size of local content in the entertainment sector, GEA is launching several other initiatives to train Saudi cadres develop their skills, and to integrate the job market especially in small and medium enterprises in the field of entertainment.

For registration a webpage was set on the link: https://misk.org.sa/fellowship/services/live-nation/