Jazan court ends minor’s marriage

Updated 27 March 2016

Jazan court ends minor’s marriage

RIYADH: A court in Abu Aresh in the Jazan region has annulled the marriage of a minor girl and referred the marriage registrar to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution (BIPP).
The court reportedly summoned the marriage registrar, who conducted the marriage contract, and held him responsible for registering the marriage of a girl not exceeding the age of 15 to a man aged 84 years.
The would-be husband filed a lawsuit with the court against the girl for refusing to respond to his desires and demanded the return of the dowry which amounted to SR90,000.
Meanwhile, experts attributed an increase in cases of child marriage to financial reasons and in particular to a father’s need for money and greed, which leads them to sell their daughters.
They said that the marriage of minors is more prevalent in rural areas and villages due to the lack of education and awareness in addition to a number of tribal customs.
Child marriage has been a controversial issue inside and outside the Kingdom. About five years ago, the Ministry of Justice fixed the minimum age for the marriage of a woman at 15 years.

Saudi official reveals new details about Khashoggi case to Reuters

Updated 4 min 29 sec ago

Saudi official reveals new details about Khashoggi case to Reuters

DUBAI: The instructions of the head of the Khashoggi mission were based on a previous directive to negotiate the return of members of opposition, a Saudi official told Reuters in a report published on Sunday.

The source said that the primary reports on the mission were not accurate so they had to investigate further, and that journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death was a result of a mistake from the negotiation team.

The confusion of the negotiation team led them to cover up on the incident, the official told Reuters.

The previous negotiation directive did not require the person in charge to obtain approvals from leadership, the official added.

According to the Saudi official’s reports to Reuters, primary findings showed that the death was a result of choking during at attempt to stop Khashoggi from raising his voice.

The negotiation team disobeyed orders, abused their authority and used violence, and there are 18 suspects in the Khashoggi case and they are currently detained pending an investigation, according to the official.