Jazan court ends minor’s marriage

Updated 27 March 2016

Jazan court ends minor’s marriage

RIYADH: A court in Abu Aresh in the Jazan region has annulled the marriage of a minor girl and referred the marriage registrar to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution (BIPP).
The court reportedly summoned the marriage registrar, who conducted the marriage contract, and held him responsible for registering the marriage of a girl not exceeding the age of 15 to a man aged 84 years.
The would-be husband filed a lawsuit with the court against the girl for refusing to respond to his desires and demanded the return of the dowry which amounted to SR90,000.
Meanwhile, experts attributed an increase in cases of child marriage to financial reasons and in particular to a father’s need for money and greed, which leads them to sell their daughters.
They said that the marriage of minors is more prevalent in rural areas and villages due to the lack of education and awareness in addition to a number of tribal customs.
Child marriage has been a controversial issue inside and outside the Kingdom. About five years ago, the Ministry of Justice fixed the minimum age for the marriage of a woman at 15 years.

Kaaba’s replacement cloth fitted in record time

Updated 20 August 2018

Kaaba’s replacement cloth fitted in record time

  • The work was carried out while pilgrims continued to circumambulate the Kaaba
  • A team of 160 workers carry out the task in record time, while pilgrims continue around them

JEDDAH: It took a team of 160 workers and technicians just three hours to fit the cloth that covers the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque in Makkah, setting a new record, state news agency SPA reported.

Working under the management of Saudi Arabia’s  General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque Affairs, the team actually finished 30 minutes earlier than the allotted time, fitting the Kiswa to the Kaaba.

The new cloth was prepared and transported before Monday’s Fajr prayer to the Grand Mosque.

The Kaaba is 14 meters high and its longest wall is 13 meters wide.

The Kiswa is made of 670 kilograms of silk, 120 kg of gold, and 100 kg of silver.

Every meter of silk was created by 100,000 threads, and the overall weight of the Kiswa is 1,150 kg, produced on 23 modern sewing machines.