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Two terror cells busted in Riyadh, Jeddah

JEDDAH: Security forces busted two terror cells in Riyadh and Jeddah and foiled their attack plans, the Interior Ministry said in a statement yesterday.
Two Saudi and six Yemeni members of the two cells have been arrested.
“Special security forces arrested a Saudi and six Yemenis after observing their suspicious movements over the past many months. They maintained direct contact with Al-Qaeda outfits outside the Kingdom. The security forces also learned that they set up a terror cell in Riyadh and engaged in promoting ‘takfiri’ (branding the other as an infidel) ideology and the recruitment of youth for terror operations against security forces, citizens, expatriates and government installations,” Spokesman of Interior Ministry Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki said in a statement yesterday.
Police also learned that the cell had reached an advanced stage in executing their plans after developing explosive devices and testing them outside Riyadh besides continued contact with foreign-based Al-Qaeda to launch their terror operations.
One of the terrorists suffered burns and mutilation of fingers during their trial operations, Al-Turki said. “Police arrested the chief of the cell, a Saudi, and he supplied detailed information on other cell members, its plans and the devices prepared by them,” Al-Turki said in his statement.
“Following the lead, police arrested six cell members who were Yemenis. They were interrogated and their confessions were endorsed formally. Security forces also searched three locations, one of which was a chamber attached to a mosque in Riyadh where the police found chemicals employed in making explosives and mobile phone-like devices that could trigger blasts from a distance besides documents and cash,” he said. The arrested terrorist also confessed that they contacted terrorists outside the Kingdom who included men carrying nicknames such as Al-Assad Al-Hasur, Faris Al-Maarikah, Namir Al-Jihad and Abu Jandal Al-Yamani.
Police also busted a cell in Jeddah with the arrest of a Saudi who had links with the Riyadh cell. The arrested had confessed that he used to develop explosives and test them, Al-Turki said, adding that further investigations are under way.
The authorities also called on the two Saudi suspects in hiding Saleh Muhammad Al-Sehaibani and Ali Nasser Asiri to surrender to the authorities and clarify their positions. Their relatives have also been notified.
The ministry also requested that anyone who had any knowledge of the whereabouts of the two men to inform authorities on the toll-free 990 or at the nearest police station. It also warned that any one who shelter them or have relations with them would face legal action.

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