Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is ready to send reinforcements to its border if it perceives any threat from Houthis and ground offensive in Yemen cannot be ruled out, Brig. Gen. Ahmad Al-Assiri, consultant at...
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Decisive Storm serves a warning to troublemakers, say analysts

Saudi political analysts have said that Operation Decisive Storm is an Arab warning to anyone trying to destabilize the Gulf countries and a response to Iranian intervention in a number of Arab states

Businessmen, economists rally behind Kingdom Yemen campaign

While expressing their full support for the country’s ongoing military action against Houthi aggression in Yemen, many economists have assured the public that financial services and the flow of funds

‘30 Saudis still trapped in Yemen’

Saudi Arabia’s security agencies are currently working to evacuate 30 Saudi citizens still trapped in Yemen.

Bangladesh backs fight against Houthis

Bangladesh came out in support of the Kingdom in its fight against the Houthis, and demanded that the legitimate government be restored in Yemen.

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