Islam in Perspective

Qur’an and its preservation through chain of oral tradition

The Glorious Qur’an, the Muslims’ religious Scripture, was revealed in Arabic to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the Angel Gabriel (peace be upon him).

Those who trust Allah never lose hope

One of the important characteristics of a Muslim is that he remains in a positive state of mind, whatever the circumstances. He tries for the best and look for wisdom.

My first encounters with the faith

Raphael Narbaez, Jr., is a Los Angeles-based comic and lecturer. He attended his first Jehovah’s Witness meeting at age 6.

Bury hatred to make world a better place

OUR world is unraveling. From east to west, from south to north, no part of the world can escape unscathed the destructive storm that sweeps across it.

Muslim prayers overwhelmed me

Jihadah grew up in Philadelphia Pa., the United States, as a Baptist Christian. While observing the Muslims closely, he was attracted to Islam and became Muslim.

Why we need to follow the Sunnah?

WHEN converting to Islam, the questions about one’s new faith seem endless.

Allah Almighty encourages believers to forgive, overlook

ANGER and hatred are without doubt the most influential emotions that prevent some people from being able to forgive one another.

A believer should be patient, thankful

Thanking Allah keeps one on the right path and helps to remain grateful until He increases His favors.

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