Meet Eric Arnoux: The interior designer set to conquer the world

Meet Eric Arnoux: The interior designer set to conquer the world
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Meet Eric Arnoux: The interior designer set to conquer the world
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Updated 23 November 2017

Meet Eric Arnoux: The interior designer set to conquer the world

Meet Eric Arnoux: The interior designer set to conquer the world

There is a lot of talk about a superstar who is changing the way we think about interior design. Everyone is talking about this star who has high society buzzing and what was the best kept secret, is now being talked about with a lot of excitement.
Eric Arnoux does not follow trends. He creates them. He makes the impossible, possible. He is an interior decorator conqueror and is taking the world by storm.
Arnoux has invented a concept so unique and so daring that you could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps it could only exist in a fantasy. Only it does not — Arnoux has brought it to life and the result is mind-blowing.
Arnoux has conceptualized the idea of the “desert chalet.”
Traditionally chalets are cozy mountain dwellings, but Arnoux in his unique way, has brought his French flair to this concept that speaks of exotic Scheherazade nights with European elegance and glamor.
He has that artistic eye and skill that is so intriguing and stylish it makes you want to know more about how you too, can enjoy the quality comfort he is fast becoming internationally renowned for.
His chalets beckon you to take some time out of your busy life and enjoy indulgence and pampering par excellence. Arnoux brings this European panache and aspirational lifestyle ambition and marries this with desert style and the evidence is in the details. Hand-blown Venetian glass chandeliers cast warmth over rooms, rich, bold colors break with the traditions of the usual desert browns and earth tones, and centerpieces like his see-through piano become conversation pieces.
Arnoux includes plush fabrics, modern finishings, glittering crystal chandeliers and oversized furniture.
Arnoux also has other properties in the South of France. Whether you are looking for a mountain sojourn or sunny seaside properties, there is something for everyone.
But it is the chalets that are the true stars. Arnoux’s range of available chalets tucked into the picturesque mountains, provide an opportunity for you to enjoy the experience of a lifetime with all the desirable home comforts. Your every need is taken care of — from in-house chefs to the use of a car and driver. Ladies even have the use of a hairdresser to ensure maximum pampering possibilities. A trip to the Brickell chalet in the Megeve is all the proof you need that Arnoux understands luxury on a whole new level.
Where did it all start?
From his humble beginnings as a carpenter and student of engineering, Arnoux has learned the ins and outs of how to create the perfect living experience, both structurally and aesthetically. Arnoux studied in Grenoble, France. Following this, he took a foray into construction and even sold real-estate before discovering that his true passion is interior design. And the results speak for themselves.
Arnoux’s muse is his girlfriend, who brings a fresh, youthful inspiration to his aesthetic.
It is not just business that Arnoux is passionate about. He has a growing concern about the plight of those who are disadvantaged and suffering. He feels a particular affinity to those who are refugees.
“I am very grateful that over the years I have managed to build a successful business making people’s homes beautiful, but I am growing more and more aware that there are many who have nothing and that I am in a position to be able to help them. I see the increasing number of homeless people in Europe, especially refugees from various countries and I want to make sure that in some way possible, I can contribute to helping to make their lives better,” said Arnoux.
Arnoux believes that an investment in his abilities or a stay in his chalets can support his philanthropic intentions to help those who cannot help themselves. This has inspired the Emirati royal family and following a successful project with them, Arnoux has donated to the cause most close to his heart.
From the desert dune of the UAE, Arnoux will travel to Morocco and then to conquer the US where the jet-set eagerly await him.

Health minister visits vaccine center at IMC

Health minister visits vaccine center at IMC
Updated 12 June 2021

Health minister visits vaccine center at IMC

Health minister visits vaccine center at IMC

Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah recently visited the coronavirus vaccination facility at the International Medical Center (IMC) in Jeddah. The facility was set up last Ramadan in collaboration with the ministry, to help vaccinate the community, as part of the nationwide campaign to combat the spread of COVID-19. 

Dr. Al-Rabiah praised the tremendous efforts by IMC to support the Kingdom’s vaccination drive, which constitutes one of the IMC’s major social responsibility projects for Saudi society. The minister stressed the importance of private and public medical cooperation in multiple community projects, highlighting the IMC’s successful proactive initiatives, operational efficiency and top medical care standards. 

The center has set up a large vaccination tent in its yard with 50 volunteers to serve the people of Jeddah every day. IMC has become one of the top vaccination centers, where premium healthcare services are offered in perfect harmony with the renowned IMC standards. 

The IMC’s massive 2,000-square-meter vaccination center can host 4,000 people daily and was prepared in only eight days. The center was created to host many individuals and meet the high demand for vaccination in Jeddah, in accordance with the ministry’s campaign strategy to expedite the vaccination process across the Kingdom and achieve a 100 percent immune society.

IMC staff from infection control, operations, pharmacy, laboratory, medical engineering and IT departments alongside a group of doctors and nurses have all taken part in setting up the outdoor vaccination tent.

IMC Chairman and CEO Dr. Walid Fitaihi welcomed the minister and expressed his gratitude to the ministry for enabling this mutual cooperation, which started by setting up the vaccination center followed by installing anti-smoking clinics within the same tent. He also briefed the minister on the IMC’s future plans of building a medical college, women’s and children’s hospital, and a medical tower. They also discussed the development projects of the First Clinics Center, Al-Afia Resort, Al-Afia Village, a service building, a multistory car park, and the surrounding area of the IMC. 

Dr. Fitaihi also showcased the IMC’s trophies and key achievements in protecting patients during the pandemic, including the King Abdul Aziz Quality Award 2020 in the category of private health facilities, the National Patient Safety Award 2020 in its special edition for the category of healthcare institutions, and the Infection Control Star Award by the Health Ministry for its active and responsive role during the coronavirus outbreak. 

“Our sincere gratitude to the ministry for selecting IMC as one of the first certified centers in the western province to provide vaccination services, and for trusting IMC’s expertise and operational capacity to perfectly host community service projects in Saudi Arabia. I also give special thanks to our team of volunteers who stood behind the success of this inspiring medical experience,” Dr. Fitaihi said.

LuLu hosts mango festival showcasing 20 local varieties

LuLu hosts mango festival showcasing 20 local varieties
Updated 12 June 2021

LuLu hosts mango festival showcasing 20 local varieties

LuLu hosts mango festival showcasing 20 local varieties

LuLu, the largest hypermarket chain in the Middle East, launched on June 9 the “Saudi Mango Week,” showcasing homegrown varieties of the tropical fruit from across the Kingdom. It is the first time such an event, promoting the Kingdom’s own mango varieties, has been organized. LuLu has procured more than 20 varieties of mango for the festival from across the Kingdom. The event features great deals and offers on the wide selection of mangoes, available across all LuLu stores in Saudi Arabia.

On its launch day, the festival was visited by Suliman Aljutaily, general manager of cooperative societies, Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA), at the hypermarket’s Atyaf Mall branch in Riyadh. On the same day, an agreement was signed between LuLu Saudi Hypermarkets and Cooperative Societies Council to promote and sell Saudi-produced agricultural products through LuLu Hypermarkets across the Kingdom. Dr. Abdullah Kadman, chairman of Cooperative Societies Council, and Shehim Mohammed, director of LuLu Saudi Hypermarkets, signed the agreement in the presence of Ahmed Al-Ayadah, deputy minister, MEWA.

“LuLu is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has both a local and regional presence. We count on them a lot as a major player that will help us in promoting agricultural marketing, especially for small farmers and members of associations,” said Al-Ayadah.

Mohammed said: “We are delighted to sign an agreement with the Cooperative Societies Council for the betterment of local farmers in the Kingdom. The LuLu Group is focusing on making their lives easier by procuring their agriculture yields directly from the farm and avoiding the hassles in between. As for the Saudi Mango Week, we have seen massive support from our customers over the years and we’re expecting this festival to be a hit once again. This tropical fruit is loved by people of all nationalities.”

The wide homegrown range of mangoes on offer at LuLu this week includes: Americi, Gelenth, Hindi, Zibdha Ahmer, Zibdha Pakistani, Tommy, Birbir, Bombay, Geeith, Kuri, Phonse, Samak Akdhar, Samak, Samak Sudani, Selasation, Senara, Zibdha, Zibdha Zinnara, Green Mango, Sudani and Zill Mango.

‘Call My TV’ takes digital communication to a whole new level

Huawei recently launched its new TV, the Huawei Vision S, which is now available for pre-order in the Kingdom. (Supplied)
Huawei recently launched its new TV, the Huawei Vision S, which is now available for pre-order in the Kingdom. (Supplied)
Updated 09 June 2021

‘Call My TV’ takes digital communication to a whole new level

Huawei recently launched its new TV, the Huawei Vision S, which is now available for pre-order in the Kingdom. (Supplied)

RIYADH: Every year we come across new and interesting pieces of technology and every year we are tempted to grab them all to set up at home. Sure, we have the constant run of smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables and a whole lot more, but one type of product that does not really see many upgrades is the TV.

Since the transition from traditional TVs to smart TVs took place, the role of what a TV plays at home has changed from just playing available content to becoming another Internet hub with access to a wide range of features.

However, not everyone changes their TVs as frequently as smartphones or tablets and to be honest, there never really is a reason to. Well, until now that is.

Huawei recently launched its new TV, the Huawei Vision S, which is now available for pre-order in the Kingdom, and which boasts a wide range of features that steps it up to become the next-generation TV in the market. 

Shifts in lifestyles and world views have driven the innovative features in Huawei Vision, as much as technological progress has. Following in the footsteps of texting, voice calling, and video calling, smart TV calling will help usher in an era of intimate distance-proof communications. It’s an outstanding example of how technology can bring people closer together, rather than driving them apart.

The Huawei Vision S can do a lot more than just any other smart TV; it can seamlessly interact with all of the other pieces of tech lying around at home. Here are a few reasons why the Huawei Vision S is one of the perfect solutions for all your TV needs, making it the must-have tech upgrade this season:

Video calls, now from your TV

Did you ever think that one day you would be able to make video calls from your TV? And we are talking about actually making and receiving video calls on your TV itself. With the Huawei Vision S, it is possible.

The Huawei Vision S has made TV calling a new social style that involves a trendy form of digital communication, which is poised to fundamentally change the way we communicate. The next-generation TV makes this possible via housing the distinctive 1080p MeeTime Full HD Video Calls, which was designed to take video calls to a completely new level from the comfort of your home, whilst using not a smart phone — but rather a smart TV.

Thanks to the magnetically attached 13 MP camera, you can make 1080p MeeTime Full HD Video Calls on the Huawei Vision S. However, this extends beyond just any video call.

Because of the unique video calling transfer feature, you can seamlessly transfer a call from any of your devices, such as a smartphone, to the TV without breaking the flow of the call. This means that if you are on a video call on your smartphone or laptop, you can easily transfer that call to the Huawei Vision S and use the camera, display and audio on the TV itself, freeing up your device for other use.

Increased connectivity

Worried about network bandwidth issues during video calls? The Huawei Vision S has thought of that too!

With its unique automatic network bandwidth adjustment feature, the Huawei Vision S and MeeTime can detect a drop in network strength and will automatically reduce the quality of the call instead of dropping the call entirely.

Sharing and streaming with ease thanks to the distributed multi-device collaboration

Another cool feature is how the Huawei Vision S fits in the structure with all the other connected devices at home. This enables a next-generation interaction between all devices paving the way for seamless sharing between devices. For instance, with OneHop projection, you simply have to tap your smartphone on the TV remote to instantly stream the display without any complex screen mirror steps! Do not worry about any private messages popping
up either, because the privacy features ensure all of that personal stuff stays on your smartphone alone, not being displayed on the TV.

Gamers can also enjoy the distributed gaming feature, which allows using the smartphone as a wireless controller, giving them a console-like experience with immersive gaming.

Stunning picture and impeccable sound

With any TV, the picture and sound quality is a key factor, especially since it becomes the hub for home entertainment. Keeping this in mind, it is evident that Huawei has pulled out all the stops with the Huawei Vision S. In terms of display quality, you get full 4K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate that covers up to 92 percent of the DCI-P3 wide color gamut, while a Honghu Picture Engine works with motion estimation and motion compensation resulting in smooth images and videos.

Viewers’ eyes protection is also made possible by TÜV Rheinland-certified low blue light and flicker-free technologies.

When it comes to audio, the Huawei Vision S comes with four 10 W horn speakers, including two 10 full-frequency speakers, and two 10 W high-frequency speakers. This is complemented by a massive 1L sound cavity, all of which works together to provide high quality sound with strong bass and soft edges. Additionally, the Huawei Histen algorithm brings out sharp details in texture and timbre, isolating human voices and enhancing them, even in the noisiest environments.

Price and availability

The Huawei Vision S is now available for pre-order through the online Huawei Store, eXtra Stores and across selected retailers. It is available in two different sizes — the 55-inch model priced at SR3,499 ($933) and the 65-inch model priced at SR4,499 — with gifts worth SR2,042 that include a Huawei MatePad, a three-month Huawei Video subscription, a three-month Starzplay subscription, a three-year warranty and a special entertainment gift.

Indeed, if you are looking for a new smart TV that truly crosses all the boundaries set by traditional smart TVs, then the Huawei Vision S is the way to go.

Post-pandemic retail: Will malls thrive again in KSA?

Post-pandemic retail: Will malls thrive again in KSA?
Updated 09 June 2021

Post-pandemic retail: Will malls thrive again in KSA?

Post-pandemic retail: Will malls thrive again in KSA?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shaken nearly all industries, but the retail sector was hit particularly hard by the measures put in place by governments to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

While the grave economic crisis that ensued gave rise to a fear of losing revenue, occupancy, and cash flow, the sudden uptick in e-commerce has induced some to worry or even project that customers have settled on online shopping, forever. 

As a cyclical industry, retail is no stranger to periods of boom and recession resulting from economic expansion or contraction. 

Retailers around the world have seen a rebound in consumer spending after they reopened after weeks or months of store closures. Retail sales surged 10.7 percent in the US in March this year, although partly driven by stimulus checks. In Saudi Arabia, malls have witnessed a promising recovery with a steady increase in in-store purchases.

No substitute for in-person retail 

There is no denying that COVID-19 has altered consumer behaviors substantially with emerging economies witnessing substantial growth in online shopping. However, online shopping is not an alternative to in-person retail yet. There are many elements of brick-and-mortar shopping that cannot be replaced by online — spontaneous purchases, the ability to evoke experiences and sensations, meaningful engagements, and of course, being able to physically handle the products.

Brick-and-mortar businesses can create greater and even more engaging retail experiences if they incorporate digital technology into their physical store environments and serve the customers’ need for convenience.

Digitization not a threat but an opportunity

Both online and offline marketplaces can meaningfully and coherently exist. Kinan, a Saudi closed joint stock company that develops residential communities and operates malls in the Kingdom, partnered with the region’s leading e-commerce player Noon to provide pickup services for its shopping centers’ online clients. “With this new feature, we are presenting them new possibilities of retailing by linking digital and physical shopping, while continuing to offer in-store experiences enriched by a strong human connection,” said Konrad K., chief operating officer, malls, Kinan.

New future demands better

The post-pandemic consumer’s appetites and behaviors mean that malls have to be elevated further into experience centers and multi-purpose destinations. They can bring back their customers by introducing diverse and extensive retail, leisure and food and beverage offerings. 

“In 2020, we made it a priority to identify gaps in the offerings at Kinan Malls. In line with our exclusive insights into the future of retail, we developed strategies and executed projects that would create the best possible retail presence and value for our shareholders, visitors and partners. We have long identified that the redevelopment of our assets would eventually result in higher footfall and spending,” said Konrad.

“Realizing that proximity to home continues to positively influence people’s decision when choosing a mall, we have built a strong footprint in Saudi Arabia. With 10 malls across six different locations, Kinan Malls is currently one of the largest mall operators in the Kingdom.”

He added: “Despite mobility restrictions, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortage, we have managed to deliver a positive financial year in 2020 with a net profit.”

Bahri named ‘Ship Operator of the Year’ at ShipTek Awards

Bahri named ‘Ship Operator of the Year’ at ShipTek Awards
Updated 09 June 2021

Bahri named ‘Ship Operator of the Year’ at ShipTek Awards

Bahri named ‘Ship Operator of the Year’ at ShipTek Awards

Bahri, a global leader in logistics and transportation, was named the “Ship Operator of the Year” at the ShipTek Awards 2021 held recently in Dubai. 

The recognition, which is the latest of several awards won by Bahri this year, reflects the company’s consistently high performance, exceptional service standards, and extraordinary resilience, and further strengthens its position as a global leader in the maritime industry. 

Abdullah Aldubaikhi, CEO of Bahri, said: “By winning the ‘Ship Operator of the Year’ award at ShipTek 2021, Bahri has once again demonstrated our capability to deliver sustained excellence. We are proud of this achievement and are pleased that the award recognizes our ability to work creatively and address challenges effectively to achieve our short- and long-term objectives.” 

Aldubaikhi added: “This recognition also highlights the value we deliver to our customers in terms of expertise and quality. We are grateful to our customers for their constant trust and support, helping us grow and achieve our objectives despite the increasingly challenging business environment worldwide.” 

The “Ship Operator of the Year” award was received on behalf of Bahri by Abdulaziz Sabri, president of Bahri Ship Management. 

Some of the recent recognitions won by Bahri include the “Excellence in Logistics” and “Excellence in Sustainable Practices” awards at the 6th Global Good Governance Awards 2021, held virtually on May 25. 

Bahri has been leading innovation and excellence in the region’s logistics and transportation industry through the use of advanced technology, new and improved service offerings, market expansion, and fleet strengthening, helping the company to win various regional and international recognition. 

Early this year, Bahri won the “Best Treasury Management Company” and “Best Logistics Solutions Provider” awards presented by the International Business Magazine, and the Bronze Award for “Best Visual Identity” for the transport and logistics sector category at the Transform Awards MEA 2021. 

The 11th edition of the ShipTek Awards was held in conjunction with an international conference on the marine, offshore, and oil and gas sector. Several industry leaders, top executives and representatives of regional and international maritime companies were present at the event.