Truxapp projects $1bn in revenues by 2022

Truxapp boasts 20,000 trucks listed in the GCC.
Updated 10 January 2018

Truxapp projects $1bn in revenues by 2022

Truxapp, a technology-enabled trucking and logistics provider, which has been working since 2015, is rapidly establishing itself as a market leader in the road freight and trucking sector.
Truxapp has aggregated over 350,000 trucks and over 200 corporate clients as a group with revenue projections of $1 billion by 2022, with over 40 percent of the revenues coming from the GCC alone.
The group entered the UAE market in 2017 to deliver seamless solutions to the logistics industry as demand grows at an exponential rate.
Truxapp already boasts 20,000 trucks listed in the GCC and growing along with a steady list of blue chip clients across various sectors.
According to a report by a leading global strategy consulting company, Saudi Arabia and UAE are the largest logistics markets in the GCC, with an estimated size of $55 billion and $30 billion respectively.
In addition, the addressable road transportation opportunity size across the GCC is $24 billion, and this is where technology in transportation logistics is becoming increasingly relevant.
With its highly advanced, user friendly, proprietary and customizable technology infrastructure, Truxapp is addressing the inadequate logistics and transportation models to support companies become more agile and responsive toward their customers’ needs.
As the UAE transitions toward a more economically diverse, knowledge-based economy, away from oil-related sectors, trade and freight volumes are expected to increase to match demand across all trade sectors, under a technology-driven shared resources solution.
Naseer Ahmed, co-founder and CEO for Truxapp, said: “While several industries are becoming digitally enabled, the logistics sector has largely been neglected, or not given the necessary attention, because of its complexities as a B2B service. Unlike technologies behind B2C ride-sharing companies, road freight has many more variables and a complete knowledge of the logistics sector is critical when developing a platform like Truxapp.
“Once appropriately established, digitally enabled trucking services can immensely support all industries as well as the drive toward seamless smart cities. Currently, the logistics is lagging, and this is affecting growth in many other sectors that depend on the efficient movements of goods.”
He said the UAE has a growing population with increased consumption and high-Internet penetration rates. The country is witnessing an expanding e-commerce sector, expected to reach $10 billion in the next two to three years. This is in addition to the overall increase in merchandise trade.

LuLu festival celebrates flavors of the Philippines

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LuLu festival celebrates flavors of the Philippines

LuLu Hypermarket has launched its annual Filipino festival titled “Pinoy Fiesta 2019,” showcasing the country’s famous food products.

The week-long festival from Oct. 20 to 26th offers a wide variety of food products imported from the Philippines. 

The festival was inaugurated at Lulu’s outlet in the Riyadh Avenue Mall, Murabba district, by Adnan V. Alonto, ambassador of the Philippines to Saudi Arabia, in the presence of LuLu officials.

According to a press statement, the festival aims at celebrating Filipino culinary heritage, food and health hygiene, best-quality agriculture produce and food products.

Shehim Mohammed, director of LuLu Hypermarket Saudi Arabia, said: “We have always been dedicated to bringing high-quality products from the Philippines. This festival is one such proof that the Filipino community loves the authentic flavors and delicious food selection that LuLu offers. We are thankful to the massive efforts of our own food sourcing office in the Philippines, located at Calamba, Laguna, which made a big contribution to our success in ensuring uninterrupted supply at the most affordable prices throughout the year.” 


Exclusive promotion campaigns and price-buster offers have been planned for a variety of imported brands, such as Mama Sita’s, Del Monte, Jack N Jill, Lemon Square, Ligo, CDO, Datu Puti, Lucky Me, UFC and Century.

Exclusive promotion campaigns and price-buster offers have been planned for a variety of imported brands, such as Mama Sita’s, Del Monte, Jack N Jill, Lemon Square, Ligo, CDO, Datu Puti, Lucky Me, UFC and Century. A wide range of agricultural produce from the Philippines is on offer, including langsat, curly parsley, white onion, garlic, Philippine mango, bean sprouts, saba, guyabano, calamansi, chayote, jicama, mangosteen, dragon fruit, pomelo, durian, papaya, kamote, rambutan, pineapple, banana, avocado and sweet corn.

Filipino favorites such as milk fish and dried fish are also available during the festival.

Chefs at the hypermarket will prepare throughout the period of the festival authentic Filipino dishes, including: Kare-kare, adobo, pinakbet, bulalo, sinigang and caldereta. Sweets such as pitchi pitchi, puto pao, majablanca, buko pie, cassava cakes, sapin-sapin, buchi and ginataang kamote are available at attractive prices.

LuLu Hypermarket, one of the largest retailers in the region, recently celebrated the group’s 10th anniversary in the Kingdom.

With 180 stores operating worldwide, LuLu aims to provide and sustain the supply of global products at the best rates. It is one of the favorite shopping destinations of both locals and expatriates in the Kingdom.

LuLu is the fastest growing retail chain across 10 countries that include the GCC, India, Egypt, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is one of the Middle East’s top employers with a workforce numbering at more than 55,000.