LG, Shaker expand air conditioning academy

The LG Air Conditioning Academy was recently inaugurated in Riyadh.
Updated 09 October 2018

LG, Shaker expand air conditioning academy

Shaker Group, the sole distributor for LG air conditioners in Saudi Arabia, has inaugurated the newly expanded LG Air Conditioning Academy. The academy, funded by LG air conditioners, was announced at Shaker’s premises in Riyadh and the event was attended by top officials from both LG and Shaker. 

Azzam Saud Almudaiheem, chief executive at Shaker Group, said: “The launch of the academy establishes the parallel strategic directions of Shaker and LG as they endeavor to provide the best product knowledge and education about advanced technologies in LG air conditioning products. The training sessions are designed to support our business partners in maintaining their best practice standards. Over the years, LG and Shaker Group have dedicated their efforts to improving the quality of life for all customers by delivering groundbreaking, energy-efficient solutions.”

The academy has been implemented to ensure that training support and skills are being provided to young Saudi professionals in the market. The academy covers a diverse range of topics, including LG Multi V (VRF) system selection, installation practices and comprehensive servicing for all products. 

“The demand for best practice installation training has increased due to significant technological advancements in the air conditioning market. LG is proud to sponsor and collaborate with Shaker Group in launching the LG-Shaker Air Conditioning Academy here in Saudi Arabia,” said Kevin Cha, president of LG Electronics, Middle East and Africa. “We have a deeply rooted commitment to provide our workers with high-level training to mirror the best practices for the industry at a state-of-the-art facility,” he added. 

Trainees will gain first-hand experience in product installation, operation, and centralized network solution under the guidance of experts. The “Application Showroom” has been equipped to illustrate the different applications of LG Multi V products across a variety of targeted HVAC sectors. 

The academy project is part of the Shaker and LG development plans for the Saudi market, with the overall aim to enhance the depth and breadth of HVAC solutions. Through expanding sector growth, Shaker and LG strive to improve the capabilities of young Saudi professionals and educate them on the availability of energy-efficient solutions in line with Saudi Vision 2030. 

International falconry events announced for Riyadh

Updated 26 August 2019

International falconry events announced for Riyadh

RIYADH: The Saudi Falcons Club has announced two major falconry events to be held in the Kingdom later this year, further strengthening Saudi Arabia’s importance as an international center of falconry excellence.

The 2nd King Abddulaziz Festival of Falconry will be held at the purpose-built falconry showgrounds on Qassim Road, Riyadh (Mulham exit) from December 1-16, while the 2nd Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition will be held in Riyadh from October 11-15.

Falconry has always been closely associated with the Arabian Peninsula and is an important part of the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. Indeed, the sport was ascribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in 2016.

Today there are more than 20,000 active falconers in Saudi Arabia who are represented by the Saudi Falcon Club, which was established by royal decree in 2016 in order to stage international falconry events and competitions within the Kingdom, and to protect falcons and other migratory birds from predation and habitat loss.

For more information about the exhibition, festival and falconry in Saudi Arabia, go to: http://sfc.org.sa/en/home-en/