Pakistan school in Jeddah honors top achievers

A photo session of the students with guests and the principal marked the conclusion of the program.
Updated 12 October 2019

Pakistan school in Jeddah honors top achievers

Pakistan International School Jeddah-English Section (PISJ-ES) recently observed a week of students’ academic achievements.

Fauzia Fayyaz Ahmed, consular at the Pakistan Consulate, and dignitaries from the armed forces of Pakistan attended the function.

Commemorations were held at the program to express solidarity with Kashmir and to mark Pakistan’s Defense Day.

Senior students marched past to set the ball rolling. The disciplined squad refreshed the sense of patriotism and loyalty toward the homeland.

The program commenced with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Following that, the national anthems of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were sung.

Addressing the audience, school principal Adnan Nasir said the purpose behind having the awards ceremony together with the commemoration of the Defense Day and Kashmir Solidarity Day is “to inculcate in our youth the passion to do their best in their academic endeavors,” while fulfilling their responsibilities toward their country and the world at large.

He advised the students to focus their attention on acquiring education to develop discipline and a strong character.

The anecdotes of devotion and sacrifice by the officers of Pakistan’s army, navy and air force gave the program momentum.

The students’ meaningful talk highlighting the Kashmir issue received a standing ovation.

A group photo of the students with guests and the principal marked the conclusion of the program.

Top achievers from the IGCSE batch are Hafsah Khan, Minahil Nauman, Farheena Azfar, Zainab Suad, Musfirah Imran, Marium Akmal, Ali Zahid, Muhammad Abdul Rehman, Ayesha Khan, M. Huzaifa Farrukh, Hadiya Nadeem, Syed Moosa Ali, Wania Naeem, Zain ul Abidin, Ruqayya Rehman, Yahya Mubasshir, M. Zain ul Abidin, Asad Irfan, Roaa Saeed, Atika Rauf, Muhammad, Taiba Shakeel, Abdul Rehman Aftab, Sarah Mehboob, Omar Kashif Majeed, M. Zakariya and Mishaal Imran and Shaffan bin Amir.

M. Zaid and Munhib Qayyum were declared students of the year in the commerce and science disciplines respectively, whereas, Shaffan bin Amir and Muhammad Zaid recieved the same honor in the science and commerce streams respectively.

PepsiCo & SFA launch movement for athletic lifestyle

Updated 20 September 2020

PepsiCo & SFA launch movement for athletic lifestyle

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) and PepsiCo have announced a partnership that aims to make sports more accessible, facilitating a better quality and balanced lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities in the Kingdom. The 2-year collaboration will see both partners work toward achieving the nation’s goal of increasing participation in weekly sports by 40 percent by 2030.

Four key pillars — Endorse, Promote, Enable and Activate — are at the core of the partnership, in which PepsiCo endorses the SFA’s program of sports activities through an integrated, impactful marketing and communications campaign. This endorsement is centered on “Harek,” a new movement revealed on Sunday, which is being spearheaded by PepsiCo in collaboration with the SFA to encourage a more active lifestyle and participation in SFA events.

Harek, which means “move,” has been designed with its own identity and characterizes key principles of inclusivity, longevity, inspiring action, and is rooted in local culture.

Both partners will unite to promote key events including Family Activity Days, Neighborhood League Football, and virtual fitness activity as more people are now exercising at home. The partnership has enlisted PepsiCo’s support as the “beverage and nutrition partner” at SFA-selected events, anchored around brands such as Aquafina and Quaker Oats. 

The partnership was marked on Sunday with a signing event attended by President of SFA Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal, and officiated by Managing Director of SFA Shaima Saleh Al-Husseini, alongside Tamer Mosalam, Gulf and Levant foods vice president and business unit general manager at PepsiCo.

“This partnership is a great example of how the government is working with the private sector to encourage widespread participation in sports and athletic activities,” said Al-Husseini. “This is not just a step, but a leap in the right direction, setting the pace for the adoption of healthier habits.”

“By working hand-in-hand with the SFA, PepsiCo looks forward to getting Saudi citizens and residents engaged in a wide variety of sport and leisure pursuits, and help the Kingdom pursue its ambition of being among the leaders in selected sports regionally and globally,” said Mosalam.