Cartier launches new client-dedicated platform

The Santos de Cartier watch
Updated 18 November 2019

Cartier launches new client-dedicated platform

Cartier has launched Cartier Care, a new platform aiming to bridge the gap between the numerous touchpoints clients have within the maison, and to further enrich client experience in a fast-changing luxury environment. Cartier Care features a digital platform through which its clients can get access to services and personalized advice.
Starting Nov. 12, clients can register their Cartier timepieces on a secured digital platform and get an exclusive access to Cartier’s services, through Cartier Care, including an up to 8-year International Limited Warranty across all timepieces. Timepieces under the original international limited warranty will be eligible for the warranty extension upon online registration on Cartier Care.
Following their registration, Cartier clients will benefit from personalized services related to their creations, such as in-boutique services related to their maintenance, or tailor-made care advice on their personal collection.
Cartier Care aims to address the ever-growing needs of global clients for consistent relations and a seamless experience across all touch points. As such, Cartier Care will progressively include all of the maison’s categories (jewelry, watchmaking, leather goods and accessories).
As part of the new services that have been initiated, Cartier is currently exploring the possibility of buying timepieces back from its clients, thus enabling them to acquire creations from newer collections.
Arnaud Carrez, international marketing and communication director Cartier International: “Cartier Care is what innovation means to Cartier: Moving forward, exploring new territories, new techniques, to better serve our clients and elevate their personal experience with our maison. Our ambition is to define the best use of this digital platform to bring our clients to the next level of experience.”

Each of the services we provide is improving a part of our client journey, be it starting their relationship with us, or ensuring the highest level of service. More and more, clients are seeking out unexpected experiences, the “never seen before.” To that point, Cartier is more relevant than ever as we bring curiosity and surprise to our clients, and ultimately design compelling interactions with them.”

Largest Huawei store opens in Eastern Province

Updated 08 December 2019

Largest Huawei store opens in Eastern Province

Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia Company has just launched its biggest Huawei Experience Store in Dammam in the Eastern Province. This announcement comes in line with Huawei’s strategy of increasing overall investment in the Kingdom and bringing its products even closer to consumers. The new store will provide the latest products of Huawei that meet the consumers’ needs and requirements. 

Bill Yu, vice president of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia Company, said: “We are honored to open Huawei’s biggest Experience Store in the Eastern Province, which is our way of demonstrating our commitment to the Saudi market and our appreciation for the consumers here in Saudi. This Experience Store launched at a time in which consumers here are asking for more innovative flagship products from Huawei. We are confident they also want to learn more about these products that swept the global market and competed fiercely to be the best.”

He added: “Huawei has been working tirelessly to constantly provide our consumers with the best possible experience. This new store in the Eastern Province allows us to expand our reach in Saudi Arabia and truly create value for users. We will continue to build on our success in the market and continue our expansion.” 

Yu said: “Huawei has been in the Saudi market for many years, and we are proud of the achievements Huawei had done in Saudi Arabia during these years and especially this year. This success would never have seen the light without the cooperation of our clients and partners in the Saudi market.

“Year after year, we have been constantly working toward launching and providing products that fit all types of tastes and meet all needs of our users in the Saudi market. We have had their needs and demands in mind to be the main engine that drives the company’s growth in the Kingdom.” 

The Huawei Experience Store will be run by highly trained Saudi youth. In a statement, Huawei said it is confident that the Saudi market’s appreciation of the Huawei brand will increase with the energy, passion and determination of such young talents. The company said the new store provides a unique opportunity for Huawei’s users to enjoy amazing experiences when visiting.