Riyadh Season organizes leisure trip for elderly

A view of Riyadh's Winter Wonderland. (AN file photo)
Updated 05 December 2019

Riyadh Season organizes leisure trip for elderly

RIYADH: Elderly and retirees were treated to a visit to Riyadh’s Winter Wonderland as a token of appreciation from the General Entertainment Authority (GEA).

Organized under the support and guidance of GEA chairman, Turki Al Sheikh, the trip was aimed at introducing the elders and their companions to some of the Riyadh Season activities.

On a related note, the GEA recently launched an initiative in cooperation with the Saudi National Retirees Association to encourage more people to take part in walking activities.

The event held on Nov. 27 involved a walk starting from the main gate of Riyadh Boulevard, through the illuminated passageway, and including the dancing fountain and its surrounding facilities, before ending at the VIP gate.

Association members were among those who took part and walkers now gather there every Wednesday evening to step out together.

Riyadh Season has so far attracted more than 8 million people to its events spread over 12 locations across the capital and covering an area of 14 million square meters.

Riyadh Season is one of 11 Saudi Seasons that aim to promote Saudi Arabia as a tourism hub, as well as enhance the quality of life for the people of the Kingdom.


Saudi Arabia confirms no change in Israel travel rules

Updated 5 min 36 sec ago

Saudi Arabia confirms no change in Israel travel rules

  • Foreign minister says Israeli passport holders are still unable to visit the the Kingdom

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has confirmed that Israeli citizens are still unable to visit the Kingdom.

Foreign minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said the policy has not changed despite Israel saying on Sunday that its passport holders could now travel to the country for religious and business visits.

“Our policy is fixed,” Prince Faisal told CNN. “We do not have relations with the state of Israel and Israeli passport holders cannot visit the Kingdom at the current time.”

His comments come as Donald Trump prepares to unveil his Middle East peace plan on Tuesday. An agreement between Israel and the Palestinians would be key to improving relations with Arab countries, most of which have no diplomatic ties with Israel.

“When a peace agreement is reached between the Palestinians and the Israelis, I believe the issue of Israel’s involvement in the region will be on the table,” Prince Faisal added.

Israel’s interior minister said on Sunday that Israelis - if invited and permitted by Saudi authorities - would be allowed to travel there for religious reasons on pilgrimage or for up to nine days for business reasons such as investment or meetings.

Israelis, mostly Muslims going on pilgrimage, do visit the Kingdom, but usually with special permission or using foreign passports.

Saudi Arabia, along with most Arab countries have no official diplomatic relations with Israel, and citizens of those countries are not able to travel to Israel nor Israelis to those countries.

However, relations between Israel and Gulf states have improved in recent years, particularly over a shared stand against Iran and its aggressive policies in the region.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last month that he welcomed Israel’s warming ties to Arab countries in the region.

In 2018, Netanyahu visited Oman and met the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

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