Jameel-Toyota Scholarship at MIT marks 25 years

The event was attended by current and alumni Jameel-Toyota scholars; Fady Jameel, Community Jameel president, international; MIT President L. Rafael Reif; and Shinichi Yasui.
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Updated 05 January 2020

Jameel-Toyota Scholarship at MIT marks 25 years

Community Jameel, a global philanthropy, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Abdul Latif Jameel-Toyota Endowed Scholarship program at an event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The event was attended by current and alumni Jameel-Toyota scholars; Fady Jameel, Community Jameel president, international; MIT President L. Rafael Reif; and Shinichi Yasui, Toyota Motor North America executive vice president, research and development.

To enable young people from all over the world to achieve their potential through education, the Jameel-Toyota Scholarship was established in 1994 at MIT, by Mohammed Jameel KBE, founder of Community Jameel and an alumnus of MIT. The scholarship is named in honor of the late Abdul Latif Jameel, whose philanthropic tradition is continued today by Community Jameel, and the Toyota Motor Corporation, in recognition of the longstanding friendship and collaboration between the two organizations.

Over the past 25 years, more than 180 students from 28 countries have completed undergraduate studies at MIT through the Jameel-Toyota Scholarship. Students from countries in Asia, North Africa and Europe are eligible for the scholarship. Many alumni scholars have gone on to establish successful careers in business, academia and industry, in the US and back home. At the anniversary event, Community Jameel unveiled a new network for Jameel-Toyota scholars past and present, which offers mentorship to students and builds ties to Community Jameel’s broad range of philanthropic efforts, including four labs at MIT.

MIT President Reif said: “Through the leadership and vision of the Jameel family, the Jameel-Toyota scholars come to MIT to fulfill their potential. While they are here, they enrich the MIT community with their ideas, energy and talent — and as they move on to successful careers and graduate studies, they use what they learned here to empower communities and improve people’s lives around the globe.”

Fady Jameel said: “Community Jameel has launched the Jameel-Toyota Scholars Network, which focuses on engaging scholars and all students, from the MIT community and beyond, through several key initiatives, including providing them access to a network of alumni mentors and organizing periodic events for networking and knowledge exchange.”

“I am very excited that Toyota continues to assist talented students in pursuing their dreams,” said Yasui of Toyota Motor. “Toyota is a real champion of diversity and inclusion, and advocates for underserved communities. We’re so proud to recognize the academic excellence and perseverance of these scholars, together with Community Jameel.”

The Jameel-Toyota Scholarship is administered by MIT and is open to candidates from eligible countries via MIT Student Financial Services.

5th MITEF Saudi Startup Competition kicks off

Updated 17 September 2020

5th MITEF Saudi Startup Competition kicks off

The MIT Enterprise Forum Saudi Arabia, part of MIT Enterprise Forum global network, announced the launch of registration for the MITEF Saudi Startup Competition under the slogan “Innovate, Inspire, Connect.” A fully digital version that simulates a real event, this year’s competition is held in challenging atmospheres in light of the global health crisis, and the competition’s commitment to continue supporting entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia to overcome the current challenges, and promoting innovation processes in the Kingdom.

Registration for the 5th edition opened on Sept. 15 through the competition website, and will continue until Dec. 10. Saudi and non-Saudi entrepreneurs of all ages and economic sectors can apply to participate within one of the three contest tracks: Ideas track, startups track, and the social enterprises track, according to the terms of the competition.

Hassan Jameel, president Saudi Arabia, Community Jameel, said: “The MITEF Saudi Startup Competition continues to be a hugely significant annual event, attracting thousands of entrepreneurs from across the Kingdom. Given the current global challenges, our mission to support young Saudi talent and to help small businesses develop, is now more important than ever. I would strongly encourage entrepreneurs from all sectors to register for what promises to be another outstanding event.”

Since its launch in 2015, the MITEF Saudi Startup Competition has succeeded in attracting more than 7,500 participants from all over the Kingdom, establishing more than 45 startup projects, training more than 260 entrepreneurs and creating more than 110 job opportunities through the startups. The winners received a total of SR1.6 million ($426,500) in the form of free investments. In the Startup Investment Forum, which was held during the 4th edition of the MITEF Saudi Startup Competition over a period of three days, the event hosted 65 innovative startups from around the world, including the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and Poland, in addition to 27 innovative startups participating in the MITEF Saudi Startup Competition 2019-2020.

The MITEF Saudi Startup Competition is organized by the MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Saudi Arabia, a branch of MIT Enterprise Forum global network, in collaboration with Bab Rizq Jameel, an initiative of Community Jameel. The competition aims to promote and enrich the entrepreneurial environment in Saudi Arabia by supporting and celebrating all startups and entrepreneurs in the Kingdom.