Lulu launches taste of Egypt festival

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Updated 16 February 2020

Lulu launches taste of Egypt festival

13th February 2020, Saudi Arabia —LuLu, the largest hypermarket chain well-renowned for highlighting country festivals throughout the year, introduced its annual Egyptian festival “Taste of Egypt” for a week-long celebration of flavors and culture from the land of world-famous pyramids and ancient temples.

The festival was inaugurated by H.E. Ahmed Farouq, Egyptian Ambassador to the Saudi Arabia, in the presence of Mr. Shehim Muhammed, Director of LuLu Saudi Hypermarkets, government dignitaries, and LuLu officials at LuLu Hypermarket, Atyaf mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mr. Shehim Muhammed shared: “LuLu has an everyday commitment to deliver flavours from across the globe through high-quality food products, which reinforces our claim of being where the world comes to shop. We are proud to showcase the rich food heritage and tradition of Egypt not only for the Egyptian community, but also to other nationalities of this large cosmopolitan country. Our deepest gratitude to the Embassy, for working hand in hand with us in promoting an authentic Egyptian experience.”

LuLu has especially flown in more than 400 products from Egypt to showcase in its grocery division, from premium deli products like cheeses and mixed pickles to fresh fruits and vegetables, and other ethnic delights. Apart from these, LuLu features a delicious selection of freshly cooked hot food and mouthwatering desserts in stores for customers who opt for ready-made eats.

Speaking on the occasion, H.E.Ahmed Farouq, said: “We are thankful to LuLu for bringing people together through a common thread, which is good food. The Taste of Egypt festival will be loved by not only Egyptian nationals, but the rest of the Saudi population as well. We are glad that a reputable and global hypermarket brand promotes the wonderful traditions behind the wide range of authentic Egyptian products offered in the retail setting.”

With 187 stores operating worldwide, LuLu has been continuously exerting its greatest efforts to provide and sustain the supply of global products at the best rates. With the excellent combination of high-quality offerings and organized logistics system, LuLu remains to be the favorite shopping destination in the Saudi when it comes to a broader selection of international products.

 LULU HYPERMARKET, where the world comes to shop—is the top retailer in the Middle East and one of the most successful businesses worldwide. Serving more than 1,600,000 shopping patrons every day, it is the fastest growing retail chain across 10 countries that include the GCC, India, Egypt, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Founded in the early nineties, it has successfully expanded to different parts of the world and currently operates more than 187 stores with a staff force of more than 55,000.

Bupa Arabia supports the underprivileged & orphans

Updated 26 May 2020

Bupa Arabia supports the underprivileged & orphans

Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance has partnered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to distribute 3,000 food baskets among underprivileged families, which are registered with the ministry’s Social Welfare and Family Welfare Agency. The initiative comes in line with the spirit of Ramadan, a month of giving, and in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This year, orphans who are covered under Bupa Arabia’s free health insurance program will help in preparing and distributing the baskets to inculcate a sense of giving among them.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Wahaibi, undersecretary at the Social Welfare and Family Welfare Agency, hailed Bupa Arabia’s move to involve orphans in preparing and distributing baskets under the supervision of the agency, saying: “This is a caring gesture from Bupa Arabia, and it promotes a sense of belonging among orphans while cultivating the principles of giving, communication and closeness between them and society.”

He added that the initiative supports what the company has been offering orphans for years. More than 2,600 orphans, living in more than 47 homes across the Kingdom, benefit from Bupa Arabia’s free health insurance program. The program includes divorced orphans and widows who live with their children in social care homes.

Loay Hisham Nazer, chairman of Bupa Arabia, said: “The orphans will be joining hands to assemble and distribute baskets to the families in an attempt to get a sense of the pride of giving during the holy month. We’ve also extended this to our employees, who collectively prepared 411 food baskets. We hope that we make a real and positive impact through this initiative.”

Bupa Arabia was the first company to offer free health insurance for residents of “Dar Al-Rafeef” in 2011. Three years later, in 2014, the program expanded to cover all orphans residing in shelters supervised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

“We believe that in order to play a proactive role in society, we need to provide more than just health insurance; we should aim to become the health care partner for every orphan in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we would like them to know that we are always by their side,” Nazer said, adding that the orphans receive special treatment and the same services that are given to some VIP clients.

The free health insurance program offers a range of quality services, including a designated hotline to receive calls and provide immediate assistance. Bupa Arabia also developed an integrated program that enables doctors to visit beneficiaries periodically for checkups, and regularly organizes health education workshops to raise awareness. The program is approved by the Cooperative Health Insurance Council and covers all treatments, including plastic surgery, dermatology, and even cases that are not covered by regular health insurance.