New waterfront lifestyle destination ‘Marsa Mina’ opens at Zayed Port

Captain Mohamed Juma Al-Shamisi, Abu Dhabi Ports group CEO, and Abdul Jalil Al-Fahim, CEO of Danas Business Consultancy, during the grand opening of Marsa Mina, a dynamic open-air leisure attraction at the emirate’s Zayed Port area.
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Updated 25 February 2020

New waterfront lifestyle destination ‘Marsa Mina’ opens at Zayed Port

Abu Dhabi Ports has inaugurated “Marsa Mina,” the city’s new waterfront lifestyle destination at Zayed Port, heralding the area’s transformation into an entertainment destination for international visitors and the local community. 

Developed by Abu Dhabi Ports in collaboration with Danas Business Consultancy, Marsa Mina is a dynamic open-air quayside leisure attraction that provides a range of pop-up retail concepts, casual dining options and entertainment facilities. 

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Abu Dhabi’s Cruise Terminal at Zayed Port, the waterfront destination is the first prominent landmark welcoming cruise ship visitors upon their arrival to the emirate.

Capt. Mohamed Juma Al-Shamisi, Abu Dhabi Ports Group CEO, said: “Marsa Mina is an exciting addition to the Abu Dhabi cruise experience and signifies our commitment toward developing Zayed Port as a unique leisure destination for the UAE community and for tourists arriving to the emirate via cruise ships.

“In addition to further promoting Abu Dhabi as a unique destination for leisure and business, the new waterfront is also envisioned to serve as a platform for entrepreneurial initiatives by providing small and medium-sized home-grown projects the opportunity to develop and promote their businesses. This project reflects our commitment to supporting the economic diversification in line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.”

Abdul Jalil Abdullah Al-Fahim, CEO of Danas Business Consultancy, said: “Through developing and in investing in Marsa Mina, we realize our vision to deliver a unique family-oriented destination, with plenty of engaging activities and entertainment to attract visitors and tourists, in addition to providing a diverse range of retail and dining options within an environment that pays homage to our rich maritime history and heritage.” 

“We are delighted to provide people of determination with a platform to showcase their arts and crafts, as well as the opportunity to engage with the community through a dedicated retail space, in collaboration with people of determination care centers.”

Taking sustainability into account, and in keeping with the maritime environment, Marsa Mina has been constructed using recycled containers, which have been repurposed to provide retail and dining outlets. The project also includes recreational facilities and open spaces, in addition to a children’s play area.

Makkah Clock Royal Tower lights up for ‘Home Heroes’

The world’s tallest clock tower beamed the words ‘Home Heroes’ for 30 minutes.
Updated 08 April 2020

Makkah Clock Royal Tower lights up for ‘Home Heroes’

The Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel recently lit up with a solidarity message in support of its staff and medical professionals who are working tirelessly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The world’s tallest clock tower beamed the words “Home Heroes” for 30 minutes, for the first time since its opening, in an initiative to honor national heroes for their efforts in protecting the nation from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.
The campaign was launched by Accor Hotels Makkah — Raffles Makkah Palace, Swissotel Makkah, and Swissotel Al-Maqam Makkah, and the Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel.
This initiative was one of many others launched by the hospitality group in support of the brave medical professionals who are risking their lives to save others during this period as well as to support the Saudi government and its people.
Accor, in collaboration with a hospital in Makkah, delivered complimentary meals to the medical staff working with the group, as a token of gratitude and appreciation. The group also distributed a number of masks and sterilizers to citizens in Makkah, as part of serving the local community and backing the Kingdom’s efforts in maintaining the health and security of citizens and residents.
Faisal Abdallah, director of communications and PR, Accor Hotels, said: “Embracing the solidarity momentum, we launched this initiative, a first-of-its-kind in Makkah by lighting up the Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel with the ‘Home Heroes’ message, empathizing with every member of our community. We support all efforts of the government of Saudi Arabia in wake of the new health crisis and ask the Almighty to protect and preserve the health of the Kingdom’s citizens and residents.”