Inma Steel boosts employee morale amid COVID-19 crisis

Inma Steel has volunteered full time HSE officers at the employees camp, which houses not only Inma employees but employees from sister companies as well.
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Updated 17 June 2020

Inma Steel boosts employee morale amid COVID-19 crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rattle the social and professional lives of people around the globe, one Saudi company is using the opportunity to increase employee engagement and boost morale. Inma Steel Fabricators Co. Ltd., which specializes in engineered-to-order process equipment and specialized industrial maintenance services, has launched its #IamINMA campaign to highlight the positive stories coming out of the crisis.

Speaking about the campaign, the company’s managing director, Muntaser Kalahji said: “We launched this campaign because we noticed that although COVID-19 has had terrible repercussions, it has also brought to the fore many positive stories of employee initiative and brotherhood. We want to highlight these to show people that it is during hard times when your spirit of resilience and giving back shines through the brightest.”

The campaign, currently being run on social media and internally through the company’s corporate communication platforms, has spotlighted several inspirational stories of employees rising above what is expected of them to contribute in myriad ways. Be it taking the initiative to provide fresh immunity boosting drinks to the employees daily or showing up at the frontlines to ensure everyone is respecting standard operating procedures for protection despite one’s personal grief, Inma employees have gone above and beyond their call of duty.

Kalahji added: “We are so incredibly proud of how Inma employees have faced this crisis. They truly have shown that although we have been social distancing, that in no way means that we are distant from one another. Our hope through the #IamINMA campaign is to present an example to everyone and underline the thought that if our hearts remain connected, no virus can beat our strength and spirit.”

Furthermore, extending support during the crisis has not been limited to Inma Steel only but rather the company has also offered its help to Alturki Holding Co. and its sister companies as well. “Inma Steel volunteered full time HSE (health, safety and environment) officers at the employees camp, which houses not only Inma employees but employees from sister companies as well,” Kalahji said.

“This crisis has also had its share of stressful moments but those have always brought forth full engagement from the entire management team, all the way from the CEO of Alturki Holding to our employees, who have closely followed up on the actions needed to be taken regarding the health and safety of everyone.”

Inma Steel is a subsidiary of Alturki Holding Co. and is headquartered in the Jubail Industrial City.

Oman set to welcome first IKEA store in 2022 

Updated 25 October 2020

Oman set to welcome first IKEA store in 2022 

Oman is all set to welcome its first IKEA megastore at the Oman Avenues Mall, in the heart of the capital city of Muscat. The Swedish furniture and home retailer is expected to open doors to the public by the first quarter of 2022.
A development agreement between the Al-Taher Group, a diversified business group in the sultanate, who are the developers of Oman Avenues Mall, and the UAE-based conglomerate, Al-Futtaim Group who represents IKEA franchise in Oman as well as other territories like the UAE, Qatar and Egypt, was signed this week. Senior officials made the announcement in a virtual press event.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al-Khalili, board member of the Al-Taher Group, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Al-Futtaim Group, to bring the globally renowned IKEA brand to Oman Avenues Mall. We believe that IKEA Oman will not only strengthen the position of Oman Avenues Mall as a premier shopping destination, but also position the mall firmly as the shopping mall for the whole of Oman.”
Spread across two floors, the new store will be one of the largest stores of the brand in the region.
The Oman Avenues Mall is operated and managed by retail giant LuLu Group International.