Olymp Trade shares what 2020 has taught traders, so far

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Updated 16 November 2020

Olymp Trade shares what 2020 has taught traders, so far

As the world continues to change in these increasingly turbulent times and as the global economy continues to surprise even professional traders, one thing we know for sure: Profiting from investments requires knowledge and a desire to continue learning. 

There were signs that the markets would drop back in the spring of 2020. The fundamental analysis that tipped off experienced traders was in the news. The increasing awareness of a global pandemic and emerging lockdowns were sure signs something big was coming. 

As assets have risen back to their early 2020 highs, economies have not wholly recovered from lockdowns and layoffs. What the future holds is yet to be seen, but there are some lessons traders have learned from this roller coaster of a year.

Where you trade matters

A crucial part of any trader’s experience is the platform with which they interact, learn and trade. Staying up-to-date on the latest market developments and understanding how they will likely impact assets is important for any trader and some platforms make it easier than others. 

Choosing the right broker and platform affects all aspects of a trader’s experience. Working with a stable reputable broker that is transparent is a must. Uncertainty has become a global constant and trusting your broker should never be a question. Brokers like Olymp Trade have maintained an open discussion with their trading communities to reassure users that their best interest will always be the platform’s chief concern.

Finding the right tools

Most traders rely heavily on technical analysis, and the indicators and oscillators. However, in unprecedented times, fundamental analysis is the best way to monitor the major drivers of an asset or market.

Economic calendars are a commonly used tool by traders around the globe to assist with fundamental analysis. They help in scouring the list of upcoming events and trying to discern which will influence what. 

Platforms like Olymp Trade provide Insights, a tool created to help traders be aware of and prepare for the most impactful events on the horizon. These tools are game-changers for traders, as they have to spend less time on analysis and can be better prepared to take advantage of coming fluctuations well ahead of time.

The benefits of money management

While trading, there are many concepts and strategies to keep in mind, and money management is a very important one. This strategy helps traders profit while keeping their risk calculated. They should know how to determine the right amount to trade, when to stop trading for the day, and how to maximize profits and minimize risks.

These tactics have helped traders preserve their account balances through the peaks and valleys of this year. With the guidance of a money management strategy, traders are able to keep themselves from losing too much money at once, prolonging a cold streak, and being overcome by negative psychology.

Assets to watch in a crisis

There are three main assets every trader should focus on when trading during uncertain times:

1. Gold

If this precious metal begins to climb, it is likely that stocks, major indices, and some currencies (Dow Jones, S&P 500, etc.) will begin to decline. The converse is also true in that declining gold values are a good indication of positive movements in stocks and major indices. Both scenarios will generate good opportunities for traders to open profitable positions early before trends take a solid hold.

2. Brent oil

Brent oil is the biggest and most commonly traded crude oil commodity in the world. Though there are numerous crude oil assets, Brent is the global benchmark for the price of oil. 

Large movements in Brent will affect several assets and get a jumpstart on positions in USD/RUB, EUR/RUB, USD/CAD, and stocks related to oil production.

3. S&P 500

Indices around the world like the Dow Jones, Nikkei 225 and Hang Seng offer highly regarded insights into the general health of the global economy. The S&P 500 index comprises the best mix of US stocks that will demonstrate investor confidence. 

Drastic movement by the S&P will give traders a good indication of investor confidence. Traders will be able to profit from any developing trend in the index; its movement — up or down — will give a clear signal for other assets such as USD, stocks, real estate, and oil on the positive side.

Learning never ends

Experienced traders know education is a lifelong pursuit. Warren Buffet even said he is a lifelong learner, and this should be every trader’s mentality. There are new educational tools created almost daily, yet they are not all created equal. 

Platforms like Olymp Trade offer their own educational suite of webinars and a fully functional free demo account. Traders can learn and practice in a controlled environment. They can learn new strategies, practice using new tools, and gain experience without risking a cent.

Move forward and trade with confidence

To capitalize on the fluctuations of a global market in the throes of a pandemic, traders must monitor a number of things to stay ahead of the trends. Breaking news and economic indicators such as employment and GDP numbers will affect gold, oil and the S&P 500. 

Take the time to prepare yourself to profit from the next big market fluctuations. Change your life for the better, by continuing to hone new skills. The necessary tools are available. With the right broker, tools, strategies, and assets, any trader can succeed. Find your winning combination and be set for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Olymp Trade works to make sure its users are well prepared for the road ahead.

SABIC launches anti-fog film for COVID visors

Updated 28 November 2020

SABIC launches anti-fog film for COVID visors

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, has announced the successful commercialization of an anti-fog film it designed especially for COVID-19 protection equipment, such as safety face shields and goggles, used in frontline work environments.

Lexan HP92AF features a one-sided coating that extends the time-to-fog even at very high ambient humidity, ensuring long-lasting optical clarity. The product has confirmed its superior anti-fog performance in extensive testing under the harshest conditions. It does not exhibit any hazing at saturation as could be observed with competitive materials. Moreover, the anti-fog coating technology has no compromising effect on the abrasion resistance and impact strength of the polycarbonate film.

“We have identified a gap in the market when it comes to the effective protection of frontline workers against the COVID-19 pathogen. In work environments subjected to sudden temperature changes and high humidity, visors and safety goggles often fail to provide adequate long-term anti-fog performance. This forces workers to either not wear such visors and safety goggles at all or to take these off for frequent wiping,” said Ahmet Kizilirmakli, senior business manager Americas, SABIC.

“Our new Lexan HP92AF anti-fog film offers the solution many companies have been looking for. Excellent optical quality and high-impact strength of polycarbonate combined with our advanced anti-fog technology make the product the ultimate choice for face shields and other clear view personal protection equipment with long-lasting optical clarity in these environments,” he added.

Besides visors, face masks and safety goggles, other targeted applications include motorcycle visors, ski goggles, automotive cluster lenses, medical instrument lenses and displays as well as industrial lenses.

SABIC’s new anti-fog film product shows excellent die cutting and printability. The anti-fog film is thermoformable and withstands repeated cleaning with lukewarm water, mild soap solutions, or common glass cleaners.

With a width of 48 inches, Lexan HP92AF is globally available in a wide range of gauges from 7 to 30 mil (178 to 752 µm).

“The rapid commercialization of Lexan HP92AF anti-fog film underscores our commitment to helping our customers enhance the protection of frontline workers against COVID-19,” said Mark Troszak, film segment leader at SABIC.

“In high-humidity environments, the time-to-fog makes a difference. This product can ensure optimum optical clarity over extended periods, allowing the users of face shields and other transparent safety equipment to concentrate on their jobs safely without being impaired by fogging,” he added.

Troszak said that SABIC has the capability to satisfy customer-specific requirements by adapting this technology to other existing Lexan-coated film solutions.