Sayidaty brings together stars & artists in ‘Baqat Houb’

Sayidaty brings together stars & artists in ‘Baqat Houb’
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Updated 22 November 2020

Sayidaty brings together stars & artists in ‘Baqat Houb’

Sayidaty brings together stars & artists in ‘Baqat Houb’

RIYADH: Sayidaty hosted last week a virtual event and concert to mark the successful completion of “Lamatna Saudia,” a 90-day Saudi National Day campaign launched by Sayidaty and Arrajol magazines. During the event, which included the participation of several Arab artists, the campaign winners were announced. 

The one-hour program, titled “Baqat Houb,” was hosted by YouTuber Hutun Al-Qadi. She announced a competition, asking participants to share the most influential couplet of the song “Leila” by Saudi singer and composer Dr. Abdel Rab Idris.

The concert began with the Saudi national anthem performed by Saudi opera singer Sawsan Al-Bahiti, followed by a video highlighting the results of the campaign.

The participating artists included popular names from the Arab world, such as, Lebanese musical composer and soprano Heba Al-Kawas, media personality and artist Arwa, Jordanian singer Zain Al-Awad, Egyptian Star Academy winner Heidi Moussa, and Rawa Al-Hashemi, known for her participation in the Riyadh Season.

“Lamatna Saudia” drew hundreds of entries consisting of photos, paintings, poetry, videos and songs, from participants expressing their love for and pride in the Kingdom by sharing their creative works. 

The four winners, chosen by a special jury and announced during the online event, will be promoted by Sayidaty in its activities and campaigns throughout the next year, and their contributions will be published by the magazine on its website and social media channels. The winners are:

• First, Al-Anoud Abdel-Hakim, an actress and poet, who participated with her sister Nada in the song “Hanna Al-Saudioun.”

• Second, Nayef Al-Fifi, a plastic artist with visual impairment, who defied his disability to make beautiful paintings.

• Third, Yazid Saad Al-Hussaini, a videographer and photographer, who presented unique photos.

• Fourth, Hussain Saeed Al-Rabeh, a sign language interpreter and trainer, who sent in a video showing a group of children with special needs, performing the Saudi national anthem.

“Baqat Houb” concluded with the performances of singers Al-Awad and Moussa.