Sayidaty special edition celebrates 40 years of success

Sayidaty special edition celebrates 40 years of success
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Updated 04 March 2021

Sayidaty special edition celebrates 40 years of success

Sayidaty special edition celebrates 40 years of success

Sayidaty magazine, a sister publication of Arab News, has launched a special edition to celebrate the 40th year of its existence. Reflecting the aspirations of the magazine and addressing the modern Arab woman and family, the new issue offers a variety of content ranging from arts, culture, fashion and beauty to society.

A number of Arab celebrities and known personalities have written on the occasion, congratulating Sayidaty for achieving the latest milestone. 

The magazine also features interviews with six prominent and inspiring Gulf figures in the “Khaleejona Wahed” (Our Gulf is One) section.

The anniversary edition also includes a photo session with Saudi businesswoman Dana Alami, from the heart of Qiddiya, and the Lebanese-American model Rima Fakih, a former Miss America, and her family at their home on the shores of Florida. 

In addition, people will read about four up-and-coming Saudi female DJs, who have an unmatched potential in the world of music.

Sayidaty Editor in Chief Lama Al-Shathry said: “We celebrate with you, our dear readers and loyal followers, the 40th year of Sayidaty, through a special issue with a new look and unique content. Over four decades, Sayidaty has always excelled in the Arab world with its special topics and exclusivity, its popularity crossing borders to reach the rest of the region.

“Sayidaty in its 40th year is characterized by a renewed spirit and a modern vision — one that keeps pace with the great changes we are living through on a daily basis. We promise you and our team that we will continue working and putting in all effort to offer the best in both our printed and online magazines, which ranks No. 1 among all lifestyle websites in the region.”

Over the years, Sayidaty has also addressed the youth, offering a wide space for them to keep up with their interests and hobbies, along with informative articles on education, university and other topics relevant to Generation Z.

Sayidaty’s female readers are satiated with the latest in the world of fashion, beauty, jewelry and others. The magazine also provides a platform for female writers to share their ideas and thoughts.