Tawal ready to provide seamless telecom services for Hajj

Tawal ready to provide seamless telecom services for Hajj
A police vehicle patrols a tent camp in Mina, near the holy city of Makkah, ahead of the upcoming annual Hajj pilgrimage. (AP)
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Updated 14 July 2021

Tawal ready to provide seamless telecom services for Hajj

Tawal ready to provide seamless telecom services for Hajj

Saudi ICT infrastructure company Tawal has announced the completion of its preparations for the Hajj season. The company is all geared up to enable its client operators to enhance their technical capabilities and serve the pilgrims, in cooperation with the official Hajj committees.

Tawal has built 24 new sites to boost network coverage, and upgraded around 900 existing sites to fulfill the operators’ technical needs. The company has also implemented comprehensive preventive maintenance for more than 1,000 sites by carrying out the necessary technical tests to ensure their operational readiness. Moreover, around 400 sites have been equipped with new generators and backup batteries to ensure network continuity in case of emergencies. These services are provided within an integrated bundle of services to enhance the telecommunications infrastructure. 

Tawal owns more than 15,000 telecommunications towers in the Kingdom, including more than 1,000 towers dedicated to enable telecom service providers to offer their services to the pilgrims with high efficiency. Tawal has also allocated more than 120 engineers and technicians to work round the clock. Its field teams are fully immune, complying with the health restrictions, and are also equipped with additional gear and spare devices to ensure rapid intervention in emergencies or outages.

Saeed Al-Shehri, Tawal’s chief operations officer, said: “We are honored to work with our partners in this Hajj season. Tawal strives to provide a remarkable experience to our clients, in line with the Kingdom’s aspirations to serve the pilgrims. Our efforts focused on enabling our partners, from the telecom sector, to provide the best services to pilgrims, strengthening the ICT infrastructure, equipping tower operation centers to monitor the operations, in addition to assigning field teams to resolve any technical issues.”

Naif Alenazy, Tawal’s general manager of operations and maintenance, added: “Hajj season requires extensive preparations and high readiness. We started working on strengthening the infrastructure of all the sites in the holy places immediately after Ramadan.”

Currently, a key player in the Saudi telecommunications infrastructure industry, Tawal aspires to extend its coverage to embrace the whole region.