Lego play aligned with Kingdom’s Quality of Life program: Study

Lego play aligned with Kingdom’s Quality of Life program: Study
The event hosted a panel of experts who shared their views on the report.
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Updated 19 September 2022

Lego play aligned with Kingdom’s Quality of Life program: Study

Lego play aligned with Kingdom’s Quality of Life program: Study

Striving to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through play, Lego Middle East held an exclusive event to unveil key global and regional findings from their Lego Play Well 2022 study. The event gathered thought leaders and influencers from across the region, to be part of starting an impactful conversation around the power of play and the attitudes and behaviors related to it.

The Lego Play Well 2022 report brings out the essence of what play means to children and parents across the globe. The findings from the report were gathered from a total of 32,781 parents and 24,593 children aged 5-12, through a 20-minute online quantitative survey conducted across 35 markets in early 2022.

In its third edition, the study delves into how play has evolved, the benefits it brings to individuals and families, the barriers that get in the way and how we can protect it.

The event hosted a panel of experts including Jeroen Beijer, general manager of Lego Middle East and South Africa; Aalia Thobani, communication and connection specialist; and Dr. Hessa Al-Suwaidi, executive director at UAE Sharjah Child Friendly Office. Each expert shared their views around the findings of the study.

According to the report, a large percentage of the Kingdom’s parents agreed that play must be prioritized and protected as it is an integral tool in a child’s development. More than 86 percent of parents in Saudi Arabia believe play is key in enabling children to learn new things and that Lego products help with their children’s development.

The movers and shakers of tomorrow, the children of Saudi Arabia, also confirmed their affinity toward Lego play, as it offers them a fun way to hone their thinking skills and create new ideas. More than 95 percent of children said play makes them feel creative and that playing with Lego products is fun.

In alignment with the Kingdom’s Quality of Life program, which endeavors to improve and nurture individuals’ and families’ quality of life, the Lego Play Well report revealed a large percentage of families in the Kingdom said that Lego play offers them a fun opportunity to create, share, converse and bond together. Ninety-five percent of children said that playing with Lego bricks is a fun activity to do with their parents. The parents’ sentiments were also aligned with their children, with 95 percent of parents saying that playing together makes their families happier.

Beijer, the general manager of Lego Middle East and South Africa, said: “Play has always been the cornerstone of humanity, in that it contributes to all facets of life, from exploration and discovery to creating lifelong learning values. Play is for everyone as it facilitates the necessary environment to create happier families. Most importantly for the Kingdom, the concept of play sheds light on how such a seemingly small, yet simple experience can cascade to impact people’s overall quality of life.”