Jeddah mayor launches Cura Urgent Care Clinics

Jeddah mayor launches Cura Urgent Care Clinics
From left, Tarik Baeshen, managing director at Cura; Khalid Baeshen, chairman of Cura; and Jeddah Mayor Saleh Al-Turki at the clinic’s opening ceremony.
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Updated 26 November 2022

Jeddah mayor launches Cura Urgent Care Clinics

Jeddah mayor launches Cura Urgent Care Clinics

Jeddah Mayor Saleh Ali Al-Turki inaugurated Cura Urgent Care Clinics in a ceremony attended by prominent businessmen and health officials.

The Ministry of Health and the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance are working toward empowering general practitioners and family doctors in Saudi Arabia and focusing on their vital role in health and wellness. In line with these efforts, Cura is the first urgent care clinic to provide medical attention to mild and nonthreatening cases through highly qualified family doctors and general practitioners.

Cura delivers a new model within the healthcare sector in the Kingdom. It provides quick, accessible, and affordable high-quality medical attention to all ages. It offers waiting times that do not exceed 10 minutes, as well as ample parking spaces for easy access.

Patients at Cura spend an average of 25 minutes for medical services, checkups and consultations, IV/IM injections, or X-rays. They can also be treated at Cura when in need of stitches, casts or wound dressing.

“Cura’s unique model offers a smart solution for healthcare and aligns with Vision 2030. It propels the health sector forward by enhancing preventative care and facilitating high-quality medical care offered to patients,” a statement said.

“This new approach helps improve access to health and medical services as patients of Cura will be able to address their needs in a timely manner without waiting for long hours and will gain more insight into their health challenges from experts.”

General Manager of Cura Faris Helmi said: “We have facilitated access to high-quality medical care in record time and at affordable costs. We also aspire to expand across the entire Kingdom.”

Cura aims to be recognized as the leading urgent care provider in the region by 2030. It intends to open more branches across the Kingdom to offer everyone reasonably priced prime care at its world-class facilities with best-in-class practitioners.