realme launches new ‘Spire’ strategy with 10 series

realme launches new ‘Spire’ strategy with 10 series
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Updated 30 January 2023

realme launches new ‘Spire’ strategy with 10 series

realme launches new ‘Spire’ strategy with 10 series

With a vision to deliver forward-looking technology to meet the needs of future generations, realme, the world’s fastest-growing mobile phone brand, has released its new “Spire” strategy with the launch of the realme 10 series. realme 10 Pro+ delivers a segment-first 120 Hz curved display with narrow bezels and 2,160 Hz PWM dimming.

Back to the original intention

With the 10th generation of realme number series, realme leaps to the “new vision.” Four years ago, realme started the brand with a vision to empower millions of youths around the world with access to leap-forward technologies at an accessible price point. realme has achieved massive success over the past four years, becoming the fastest growing smartphone brand ever. However, it has in fact been a tremendous challenge.

To keep focus among all these challenges, realme decided to take things back to its original intention: Empower youth through leap-forward technologies because the company knows the power that technology can have when made accessible to all. realme will focus on making stand-out products that fans love, with more focused designs and more focused technologies.

Now, every number series product will lead with one major leap-forward technology, which will be the spire of a strong realme product tower. And to make the product experience better, every product will also be supported with superior design, performance and experience. The three bases will be a stable foundation of this tower — it is about the entire product experience, from technology to design to performance and more.

realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology

To improve the product experience even further, realme is making major investments in its new Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology. Empowered with supreme talent, realme created the institute consisting of more than 60 leading tech experts, in addition to the current R&D team that comprises 60 percent of the entire company.

realme also has the technological strength of focusing on the six major fields of charging, photography, display, gaming, chipset and industrial design to create the future of leap-forward technology.

And as a young brand, this will lead to more agile and adaptive development, allowing realme to deliver greater speed and quality, across technology, product and marketing.

The success of realme’s number series, alongside its C series, saw the brand perform exceptionally well across the Middle East and Africa in 2022. With larger investments being made toward the products’ R&D, as well as a focus on product quality and long-term growth, realme ended 2022 on a positive note, with a 57 percent YoY growth rate.

Looking to the year ahead, realme will continue to pursue its Spire strategy, focusing on developing its talent base and technological strengths while cutting product lines and improving efficiencies with a focus on its core product lines. With the launch of its 10 Pro+, the year ahead looks promising. To date, realme’s strategy of improving its products to benefit users’ lives has proven effective. The realme 9 Pro series and 9i 5G performed exceptionally well in Saudi Arabia, proving that affordability, design and a great camera resonate well with the local audience.