French delegation visits Rafah border crossing, calls for Gaza ceasefire

A French parliamentary delegation calling for a ceasefire in Gaza at the Rafah border crossing in Egypt. (X/@Portes_Thomas)
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  • Negotiations should quickly include Israel withdrawing its forces from Gaza, delegation says

LONDON: A French parliamentary delegation that visited the Rafah border crossing on Saturday has called for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, Jordan News Agency reported on Sunday.
The delegation inspected the land crossing and humanitarian aid held up at the Egyptian border. French MP Eric Coquerel stressed the need to release both Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners, starting with those detained administratively.

The delegation also expressed its support for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and its indispensable humanitarian work.
The French parliamentarians underlined that the negotiations should quickly include Israel withdrawing its forces from Gaza, ending its blockade imposed on the occupied Palestinian territory, ceasing the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank, and stopping the confiscation of property in East Jerusalem.
They insisted that these talks should adhere to international law and respect the rights of the Palestinian people as confirmed by numerous United Nations resolutions. Such steps, they believe, are essential for reinstating peace for both Palestinian and Israeli communities, as well as for the broader stability of the region.
Expressing solidarity with all civilians, the French delegation's visit to Rafah also served as an opportunity to engage with humanitarian groups aiding refugees and the injured, reinforcing their stance as friends to all peoples and advocates for peace and adherence to international law.
The delegation condemned Israel’s killing of over 27,000 Palestinian people in Gaza and nearly 400 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, many of them women and children. Marking a precedent, this visit by the French parliamentary group is noted as the first by a foreign parliamentary team to the Rafah border crossing.