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Saudi Arabia

‘Intense efforts’ made in identifying terror cells

RIYADH: Security forces in Saudi Arabia are undertaking “intense efforts” to identify terror cells, an official has said.
Maj. Gen. Bassam Attia, director of the Investigations and Strategic Planning Center of the Interior Ministry, and ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, described in a press conference how security agencies immediately start investigating information received about suspected criminals.
Such was the case last Saturday, when information was received about individuals from four separate regions of Saudi Arabia, who were suspected of being involved in terrorist cells. Arrests were made days later.
“Even if we fail the first time to arrest some of the individuals about whom we have confirmation that they are connected with terrorist cells, we will know their names,” said Al-Turki.
“In many cases we will have announced the results of the investigation and the names of those involved, or any evidence confirming their links to terrorist cells.
“Security authorities exert intense efforts to identify such cells. We cannot be certain about the number of cells still in operation, but often these are cells that are logistically important to the organization; they remain under the radar because their members are not directly linked to terrorist activities and are also careful.”
Attia said the Kingdom is actively coordinating with international authorities in combating terrorism funding, especially to Daesh.

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