Updated 14 April 2019

Omani author shortlisted for the Man Booker

Omani author shortlisted for the Man Booker

Omani author Jokha Alharthi just made the shortlist for the prestigious Man Booker International Prize, announced last week, so we have taken a look at six female authors from the Middle East have made waves with their hard-hitting novels.

  • ‘Celestial Bodies’

    Omani author Jokha Alharthi just made the shortlist for the prestigious Man Booker International Prize. She was nominated for her novel “Celestial Bodies,” which tells the coming of age tale of three sisters.

  • ‘Farewell Damascus’

    Written by Ghada Samman, the book tells a story set on the edge of social and political change in 1960s Syria. A young woman navigates life as a university student, aspiring writer and soon to be divorcee through a heavily patriarchal Damascus.

  • ‘The Stone Building and Other Places’

    A collection of short stories by Turkish author Asli Erdogan. Her work centers around women whose lives have abruptly changed course due to circumstances beyond their control.

  • ‘Wild Thorns’

    One of the best-known Palestinian female writers, Sahar Khalifeh’s best-known work captures the complexities of the Israel-occupied West Bank through the use of multi-faceted characters.

  • ‘The American Granddaughter’

    Written by Iraqi author Inaam Kachachi, this tale depicts the American occupation of Iraq through the eyes of a young American-Iraqi woman.

  • ‘The Apartment in Bab El-Louk’

    Donia Maher crafted this menacing graphic novella about a paranoid old man watching the city of Cairo pass him by.