Saudi Bank customers warned of online fraudsters

Saudi Banks has warned customers not to respond to such fraudulent emails. (Shutterstock)
Updated 15 July 2019

Saudi Bank customers warned of online fraudsters

  • Those indulging in fraudulence will be fined up to SR2 million ($530,000) or given sentences of up to 3 years in prison

RIYADH: Fraudsters are now applying innovative ways to cheat people via email.

They used to make mobile calls and send texts or messages via WhatsApp, but now they are sending emails bearing bank logos and asking users to update accounts, even seeking personal information.

The banking service organization Saudi Banks has warned customers not to respond to such fraudulent emails.

Talat Zaki Hafiz, secretary-general of the committee on information and banking awareness of Saudi Banks, said: “Saudi Banks has repeatedly warned customers against responding to a series of emails that have recently appeared from anonymous sources with local bank logos.”

It has issued security alerts telling customers not to update their bank accounts in response to fraudulent email messages pretending to do system maintenance or to letters claiming to be from official or public names, requesting funds or donations, he told Arab News.

Hafiz said that Saudi Banks has no role in pursuing and tracking the source of these fraudulent messages. However, the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has allocated the number 330330 for notifying the authorities, who will act quickly.

Those indulging in fraudulence will be fined up to SR2 million ($530,000) or given sentences of up to 3 years in prison. A spokesman for Saudi Banks said there were no statistics on the number of phishing messages received by customers, as some people did not report them.

He expressed confidence in the awareness of customers and their active participation with relevant authorities to address such issues.

Telecom providers, including Saudi Telecom Co., have also warned their customers to ignore such messages and not to share personal details. 

A warning was also issued by the STC for customers to avoid logging on to their banks online via public Wi-Fi hotspots, calling on users to disable data sharing on their devices as a precautionary measure.

Riyadh ‘Peace Declaration’ seen as game-changer for stability in Sudan

Updated 14 August 2020

Riyadh ‘Peace Declaration’ seen as game-changer for stability in Sudan

JEDDAH: As chair of the Friends of Sudan group, Saudi Arabia has called for an inclusive sustainable peace process for the country, the Kingdom’s envoy to Khartoum told Arab News.
Participants at the 8th Friends of Sudan meeting, convened via video conference on Wednesday, seized the opportunity to reaffirm their full commitment to Sudan’s Transitional Government in developing an inclusive and sustainable peace plan and economic reform program.
The group, chaired by Saudi Arabia, was represented by the Kingdom’s Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan. Along with their international partners, through the Riyadh Friends of Sudan meeting, expressing their full confidence in the civilian-led transition under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok as they continue to prioritize a comprehensive and inclusive peace plan despite unforeseen challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Kingdom’s Ambassador to Sudan Ali bin Hassan Jafar, told Arab News that the meeting comes at a crucial time for the group and is the first to discuss the peace process at length.
In recognition of its mediation role, Saudi Arabia invited representatives of the government of South Sudan as honorary guests to attend the meeting for the first time following their constructive role in the Juba peace talks.
The high-level representation, led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of South Sudan, Ambassador Beatrice Khamisa Wani, and Chairman of South Sudan Government Committee for Peace Mediation in Sudan Tut Galuak, are a recognition for their role in advancing the Juba Peace Talks negotiations in good faith.
The Friends of Sudan welcomed the participation of the Sudan Revolutionary Front and the Sudan Liberation Movement in the meeting, recognized by the group as a sign of their goodwill and commitment and constructive engagement with the international community to work with Sudan’s Transitional Government to achieve sustainability and peace in their country.
“Great efforts have been made by Saudi Arabia with the help of its international partners at the Friends of Sudan meeting to call on all parties involved to come back to the negotiating table, appealing to them to realize the historic opportunity to reach consensus for sustainable peace talks that will ensure unity, stability and prosperity of Sudan,” said the ambassador.
The Friends of Sudan was established in 2018 as an informal group, and includes countries and organizations committed to joint action to provide support to the transitional government in the country.
Representatives attended the meetings and discussed the best means to coordinate support and work with Sudan’s transitional government to reach economic stability, prosperity and sustainable peace in the country’s critical time.
“The meeting served as a first achievement in the Friends of Sudan group, reaffirming their commitment to helping Sudan sustainable peace. Under Saudi Arabia’s initiative, the group issued the Riyadh declaration ‘Partners for Sustainable Peace in Sudan,” added the ambassador.
The declaration commended the resolution and resolve of most of the outstanding issues during the Juba Peace Talks, said the ambassador.
The road ahead will be challenging, the envoy added.
The Partners for Sustainable Peace in Sudan Declaration (Peace Declaration) expressed their concern that a number of parties remain outside the peace process. The ‘Peace Deceleration’ called on all parties to the conflict to engage in good faith in the peace process and refrain from counterproductive demands, cautioning that all spoilers to the peace process or the implementation of the Political Agreement and Constitutional Charter of Aug. 17, 2019, may have consequences imposed on them.
The inclusion of women and youth in the peace process and the transitional government was also stressed in the meeting.
The declaration reaffirms the group’s commitment and will to remain engaged and assist Sudan’s Transitional Government. Any obstruction to the peace process will prolong the suffering of the Sudanese people, the partners said.
As the world is a financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Friends of Sudan group urged in the meeting that parties to the peace talks be aware of Sudan’s economic challenges, prioritize demands that reflect the understanding and appreciation to these challenges and collaborate to find mutual and agreeable solutions.