Updated 11 September 2019
Arab News

Tolerance Film Festival

The Tolerance Film Festival will see a slew of socially-conscious films be screened in Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Sept. 12-14.

  • ‘Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages’

    A silent film that first came out in 1916, the D W Griffith-directed production explores humanity’s intolerance throughout the course of 2,500 years.

  • ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

    This 1962 film adaptation of Harper Lee’s classic novel of the same name is set in Alabama during the Great Depression and explores themes of racism and prejudice.

  • ‘Where Do We Go Now?’

    A Muslim and a Christian woman are forced to join forces as civil strife engulfs Lebanon. Directed by Nadine Labaki, the drama premiered during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

  • ‘The Heart of Jenin’

    In this 2008 documentary co-directed by Marcus Vetter and Leon Geller, a Palestinian man donates the organs of his son, who was shot by Israeli soldiers, to save the lives of Israeli children

  • ‘Exit’

    Directed by Karen Winther, this documentary shares the stories of former extremists who reflect on their violent past.

  • ‘Styx’

    Rike, a busy doctor, spends her holiday sailing the sea solo when she encounters an overcrowded fishing boat full of refugees. The film is directed by Wolfgang Fischer.