TheFace: Sarah Turkistani, Saudi intrapreneur

Sarah Turkistanni and her son. (AN photo by Ziyad Alarfaj)
Updated 20 September 2019

TheFace: Sarah Turkistani, Saudi intrapreneur

I am driven by gratitude, joy and serendipity. I was born a leader since day one, as I am the eldest of eight siblings. I had to be responsible as I was the role model for my sisters and brothers.

Raised in a small city called Taif, it added a lot to my personality and helped me understand people from different backgrounds.

I am also a wife of a kind man, and a mother of an amazing son. I am proud to be called Om Hazza.

As an intrapreneur, I have a big passion for disrupting the norms, leading change and helping others. I got the chance to do what I love working as corporate social sustainability strategist and social marketing project leader at Nahdi, where innovation and change is the only constant.

With a background in clinical pharmacy and a love of business, I decided to get my MBA. This an interesting combination that bestows on the field of retail pharmacy, and health industry in general, a social marketing twist.

I did not get approval to switch from pharmacy to business from my parents easily, but I am glad that I pursued my dream of being a businesswoman, doing what I like. I got them inspired and today I am happy that I have their blessings.

Ali, my husband, has been nothing but supportive of my journey. I am thankful to have someone who appreciates my ambitions, my sense of adventure and freedom.

I am grateful for every step and challenge I have faced to become who I am today. This has led me to the joy of living in the present and appreciating the moments of my life.

In the serendipity of my life I will have the chance to pursue my new dream of changing the wellness industry for women in Saudi Arabia.

Uber, Al-Nahda honor Saudi female drivers

The Masaruky partnership between Al-Nahda and Uber aims to empower more women in Saudi Arabia to drive. Al-Nahda is a nonprofit organization established in 1963 to empower Saudi women. (Photo/Supplied)
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Uber, Al-Nahda honor Saudi female drivers

  • Masaruky’s participants and graduates had the opportunity to meet with staff members from Uber, Al-Nahda and partner organizations that have offered their services in support

RIYADH: Uber and Al-Nahda on Monday hosted a special ceremony to honor women who have benefited from the partnership between the two organizations and received a driver’s license from the Saudi Driving School.
The ceremony was held at the Riyadh headquarters of Al-Nahda, a Saudi nonprofit organization, where the first group of beneficiaries were honored by prominent guests from Al-Nahda, the Public Transport Authority, the Saudi Driving School and Uber.
Rehab Al-Ruwaili, a 24-year- old university student, benefited from this initiative. All her fees to the Saudi Driving School were paid for as she learned to drive and earned her license. “It was a great experience. Al-Nahda gave us so much support both emotionally and financially” she told Arab News.
“Getting my driving license has given me confidence that I can help myself and run my own errands without relying on outside help,” she said.
“It will help me secure a job, now that I have the means of transporting myself. In the past, we had to rely heavily on others.”
Al-Ruwaili said that through its work, “widows, single mothers and unmarried women can support themselves. It made me realize that marriage is not a priority to fulfil our financial needs.”
Masaruky’s participants and graduates had the opportunity to meet with staff members from Uber, Al-Nahda and partner organizations that have offered their services in support.
During the ceremony, Brooks Entwistle, Uber’s chief business officer – international, said he was “honored” to welcome Masaruky’s participants.
Mounira Al-Touq, a member of Al-Nahda’s board of directors, said: “This ceremony marks an important milestone in the partnership between Al-Nahda and Uber.”
Fawaz Al-Sahli, vice president of the Kingdom’s Public Transport Authority, thanked Al-Nahda, the Saudi Driving School and Uber for their cooperation in supporting the empowerment of Saudi women.
“We are on the road to empowering more women to lead and facilitate their access to economic opportunities across the Kingdom,” he said.