Updated 08 October 2019
Arab News

Christie’s exhibition

Auction house Christie’s is showing off Middle Eastern art in Dubai until Oct. 10, before it goes under the hammer in London.

  • Glazed tiles

    Estimate: $6,110- 8,550 The two tiles wete created using the famous ‘cuerda seca’ glaze technique used in the 17th century.

  • Amber Gaming Piece

    Estimate: $6,230 - 9,968 The cylindrical gaming piece is flattened on both ends and widens slightly towards the top, with pink gemstones in gold insets.

  • Levant manuscripts

    Estimate: $9,968–14,952 In the 15th century, within the Levant region, this Arabic manuscript on buff paper was a treatise on Sufism, islamic mysticism.

  • Cigarette case

    Estimate: $31,150–43,610 The cigarette case dates back to the 19th century. It is a diamond set on an engraved medallion, surrounded by diamond set foliate scrolls.

  • Pottery dish

    Estimate: $24,920–37,380 The 16th-century painted decoration, with a shallow form and a narrow rim, consists of four serrated blue and red lined leaves intersecting against a blue and green fish scale field.

  • Islamic carpets

    Estimate: $12,300–18,450 The carpets produced by Hajji Mohtasham, a master weaver in the 19th century, are identified by the use of the soft hand-spun wool and the naturally dyed color palette.